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alerts Simple and straigtforward notifications for the browser.

apn An interface to the Apple Push Notification service for Node.js

apnagent Node adapter for Apple Push Notification (APN) service.

boxcar An API for the Boxcar Push Notification Service

coffeescript-growl Growl notifications for the CoffeeScript Compiler

coffeescript-notify Coffee-Script notify tool for coffee based on the coffeescript-growl tool

derby-ui-toast Notification messages for Derby

diet-comet The best COMET module for node.js

elastique elastique module for nodejs

fake_sns Locally hosted reimplementation of AWS Simple Notification Service for HTTP(S) endpoints

flashify Flash notifications for Express 3 applications

github-growl Cross-platform desktop notifications for your Github repositories.

growlcoffee Growl notifications for CoffeeScript

growler Send notifications to remote and local Growl clients using GNTP

growly Simple zero-dependency Growl notifications using GNTP.

holler real-time, in-app notifications and admin for web and mobile via the command line Provides a hook to your Boxcar service, sending and receiving notifications

hubot-pubsub PubSub notification system for Hubot

irc-notifier IRC email notifications (keywords/phrases mentions)

live-notify Adds live notifications to web sites

mac_notify Show MAC notification

mongoose-notifiable Mongoose plugin making a model able to send custom notifications over different transports when custom events occur

mpns A Node.js interface to the Microsoft Push Notification Service (MPNS) for Windows Phone.

node-adm a Node.JS wrapper for Amazon Device Messaging for Kindle devices (ADM)

node-bb10 A NodeJS library for BlackBerry 10 push notifications

node-boxcar A node wrapper for Boxcar API

node-gcm a Node.JS wrapper library-port for Google Cloud Messaging for Android

node-nnapi Nokia Notifications API wrapped as nodejs module,

node-terminal-notifier terminal-notifier is a command-line tool to send Mac OS X User Notifications, which are available in Mac OS X 10.8 and higher..

nodebb-plugin-desktop-notifications NodeBB Desktop Notifications

nodebb-plugin-vibration-notifications NodeBB Vibration Notifications for Mobile

nodejs-apns-secure New reliable nodejs library for sending notifications via apns

notifications A mechanism for dispatching notifications within a Node.js program.

notifier A notifications module for node.js

notify.js A consistent wrapper for various Desktop Notifications APIs

notifyit Simple notification tool, designed to publish notifications.

playlyfe-odysseus Parse and build stories out of Playlyfe Events.

push An interface to the Apple Push Notification service for Node.js

pushover-cli command line client

pushover-js pushover-js ========

recency-tracker A server that tracks the recency of resources and notifies subscribers of updates

safari-push-notifications Helper methods for generating resources required by Apple's Safari Push Notifications (

shoveover Pushover API client

slack-notify A simple Node.js wrapper around the Slack webhook API.

stratton A cross-platform push service interface for Node.js

terminal-notifier-plus Send OSX Terminal Notifications

webnotify Simple Web Notifications

win-notify Simple notifications API for JavaScript Windows Store apps

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