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alamid-class Easy prototype inheritance

capri Capri Library :: Clasic object oriented JavaScript

classifyjs Classify.js is a library that allows for cross platform and cross browser Object Oriented Javascript class definitions using classical inheritance and namespaces behind the prototype syntax in an easy to use interface function.

classifyjs-observer Classify-Ovserver is a mutator for Classify.js[] that allows for simple getters and setters, and on value change events listeners for object properties.

dcl Elegant minimalistic implementation of OOP with mixins + AOP.

defineClass Simple yet powerful OOP and AOP for JavaScript.

evo-elements Evo Cloud Basic Elements

extendables Simple and elegant inheritance in JS.

file-class Object-oriented API for interacting with files

humble Just a simple, stand-alone implementation of Object Oriented classes

hydrogen A minimal library for object-oriented JavaScript development

id8 id8 is a small library designed to help you write object-oriented code that is easy to maintain and scale. id8 contains a Class constructor, as well as full-featured Observer, Callback and Hash classes.

inherits Browser-friendly inheritance fully compatible with standard node.js inherits()

iraasta-utils util tools for object oriented design

javascript-oop JavaScript面向对象编程,类声明、继承……

js-class Define classes in Javascript

k-router A MVC/MVT style router for Connect/Express apps

kayclass A Class implementation for JavaScript

magnet A duck-typed, object-oriented, syntax-driven and potentially awesome programming language.

modularity-framework Lightweight component-oriented Web UI framework

nobleclass A Class implementation inspired by Backbone classes

node-oops A small library that makes object-oriented programming in javascript a little simpler.

nodeclass Smart classes for node.js

oo-utils util tools for object oriented design

ovy A fast, elegant, powerful, and cross platform JavaScript OOP library. Support singleton, super call, private, mixins and more.

qooxdoo OO programming with classes, mixins, interfaces and dynamic getters/setters

solv Enterprise JavaScript Toolset

thud thud is an object-oriented & functional programming library – for modern javascript engines – which correctly extends JavaScript Natives, as well as providing other useful Classes. Giving you a – relatively – safe and easy to use API, to help make your code more succinct and efficient.

useful-class useful Classical inheritance scaffolding, including singletons and easy to use mixin functionality

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