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flatten-object Flatten a nested object

flattenr.js Flattens a nested JSON objects to be more safe use.

fn-object map and filter for object's keys and values, and get a modified object

fobject A simple promise-based wrapper for file operations that treats files as objects.

focus Image focal point detection

form-serializer serialize form fields into an object or JSON

forma Formatted strings for object streams

fromjson The simplest and most obvious remote object superclass that I could think of.

fudi 101 ways to encode/decode FUDI

fun-map a few functional utilities for pretending that JS objects are Clojure string maps.

funstance make an instance callable like a function

fus POO pour Nodejs

generic-function A generic function implementation for node.js with CLOS-like (Common Lisp Object System) syntax.

get-global get the global object, independently of the JS runtime

get-object-path Return a value from given object path

getbypath Get data from a JSON object by path.

getobject get.and.set.deep.objects.easily = true

girlfriend Come on, baby!

git-autoregister-odb autoregister git object databases

git-object Simple library to retrieve git objects from a repository.

git-object-blob parse and create git blob objects

git-object-commit parse and create git commit objects

git-object-hash turn git objects into 40 character hex hashes

git-object-tag parse and create git tag objects

git-object-tree parse and create git tree objects

git-objectify-pack transform offset+data bits into full git objects

git-odb object database manager for git

git-to-js translate git raw objects into javascript objects

gl-fbo Frame buffer object wrapper for WebGL

gl-vao Vertex array object wrapper/shim for WebGL

globject Get values by glob-like keys

gnosis A utility to traverse an object and execute a callback to transform the object, etc.

Gord An object conversion thingy.

gossip-object replicate an object with scuttlebutt

grab Makes grabbing values out of complex objects simpler.

groperty Get an objects property value.

grunt-merge-data Grunt task for merging multiple data into a JSON file or Grunt config

gson Serialize circular javascript object graphs

hash Safely use a JavaScript object as hash

hashify Native v8 object hashes made available.

hashish Hash data structure manipulation functions

hashmap HashMap Class for JavaScript

haze An in-memory document cache

humon Implementation of a HUMON parser. HUMON is a human input friendly object notation that compiles to JSON

hydration-cli Hydration on the command line

hydrogen A minimal library for object-oriented JavaScript development

incr-object an incrementing object

ink-collector *ink-probe* allows you to interrogate your objects and arrays

ink-probe *ink-probe* allows you to interrogate your objects and arrays

invert-hash Inverts an object hash

ip-stream IP header serialization object stream.

iraasta-utils util tools for object oriented design

is-arguments Is this an arguments object? It's a harder question than you think.

is-empty Check whether a value is empty.

isodate-traverse Traverse an object and convert all ISO strings into Dates.

it.js Object-oriented functional combinators

izzy A robust micro library for type checking. Defers to constructs' internal `[[Class]]` property rather than duck typing for excellent type detection and to avoid triggering false positives.

jasonkuhrt-get Safely, succinctly, access hash data

join-object A node module to join two or more objects

jomap Object mapper for JavaScript

js-infinite-json Circular JSON handler. Parse and stringify objects containing circular references

js-py-proto Use your favorite Python builtins in Javascript.

js-to-java easy way to wrap js object to java object

js.utils General JavaScript Utilities

js2xmlparser Parses JavaScript objects into XML

js2xmlparser2 Parses JavaScript objects into XML. This is a fork of the original js2xmlparser, with some additional features

jsdiff diff objects

json-ext helper modules to throw JSON objects at any JSON/REST api

json-fields JSON.parse and JSON.stringify for certain properties of an object

json-hash JSON hash

json-pick pick(path, matcher)(data): pick values from JSON

json-schema-orm Object-relational mapping from JSON Schema

json-transcriber Generates a copy of all or part of a JSON object, renaming keys and/or otherwise transforming the object in the process.

json-type find out what type is the json is.

jsonpath-object-transform Transform an object literal using JSONPath.

jsosort sort javascript objects so that their properties iterate in a known order

jsprops Properties for JavaScript Prototypes. Class based. Extended by a Signal implementation.

JSUS JavaScript UtilS. Extended functional programming support. JSUS helps!

k-hash Generic k-way indepenent hash function

kaskade merge objects deeply and sincerely, most definitely

key-del Delete nested keys from Javascript object, JSON

keypath Access values in nested properties and arrays using a keypath.

keypather Get or set a object values from a keypath string. Supports bracket notation, dot notation, and functions

keysort Sorts an Array of Objects with SQL ORDER BY clause

lazy-property Lazily initialized properties for objects

least-common-ancestor O(1) least common ancestor queries for JSON trees

legitjs Lightweight objects and strings validation for Node.js

level-ancestor Finds the kth ancestor of a node in a JSON tree

levelgraph-jsonld The Object Document Mapper for LevelGraph based on JSON-LD

libxml-to-js XML to JavaScript object parser based on libxmljs

light-orm Super simple ORM node.js wrapper for relational databases. It does not depends on any specific driver, so you can connect to mysql, ms server and so on... Try it!

lodash-deep Lodash mixins for (deep) object accessing / manipulation.

maddy A functional object operations library.

map-key Map an object key that ends with a value

map-keys Map object keys returning a new object

map-object map over the key-value pairs of an object

map-values Map object values returning a new object

mapperjs The solution for node.js for migrate data from the old format to the new format data with pre-processing

match-constraints Check an object match a given set of constraints

mekanika-utils-each Functional style immutable collection iterator `each( fn, collection )`

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