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anore Models. Or at least part of them.

apply-changes Apply Array/Object.observe format changesets to an object.

array-tracker Statefully tracks arrays for additions and deletions.

blast A tiny, blazing fast two-way databinding JavaScript library

coap A CoAP library for node modelled after 'http'

emitter-listener (Meta)observability for EventEmitters.

frb Functional reactive bindings

igsclient An observation client for Pandanet's Internet Go Server

model-observe Model/Collection wrapper to observe an object via change-summary

mongosmash A JS Harmony MongoDB/NeDB ODM

object-emitter EventEmitter with some useful additional functionality.

object-watch implementation using ECMAScript 5. Boom.

observable-component Get and set properties and watch for changes

observe-plus Extra features for ES7's Object.observe

observe-shim An Object.observe harmony proposal shim

observe-stream A browser mixin that lets you update and observe changes to Object properties using streams.

observe-utils A set of utilities for the observe-shim

observed observeable objects the way you want em

observejs Watch a Javascript object for changes and stream changes to another object

observestream Duplex node.js stream to replicate live changes to and from Javascript objects.

obsy atomic object/namespace sync across processes using observe and redis

polyfill-webcomponents Web Component Polyfills courtesy of Polymer

psst A small Pub/Sub library that uses subscriptions rather than callbacks.

selector-observer Observe newly added and removed DOM nodes matching a given selector

sudoclass Base, Observable and Delegate classes from the sudo.js library

wach Run a command when a file add/update event occurs

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