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chainof chain functions like `Connect`. for Chain Of Responsibility.

coap-cli A CLI for CoAP

everymote-philips-hue everymote-philips-hue =====================

hashtree Build up "hash of hashes" in javascript and access the data contained.

injct dependency injection for nodejs

irelia Node.js League of Legends API Wrapper

league-node A node.js package for the official League of Legends API

lol-api node.js wrapper for the League of Legends API

ndarray-distance Lp distance between ndarrays

ndarray-downsample2x Downsample by a factor of two using sinc interpolation

node-lol-client League of Legends API Client for Node

riverjs a simple font-end framework with extendable two-way binding

supermoduleairatmaker This training module

v8type Expose V8 C++ type checking to JS

value Convenient type-checking in JavaScript

wotcs-api-system Base system used to build WoTcs clans and players API

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