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backbone-once One-off events for Backbone.

function-enhancements Some javascript function enhacements. Arguments:pass, prepend, append. Timing: delay, periodical, debounce, throttle, once

gorge Last + throat = gorge (for when you only care about the latest started async operation, and you only want to run it once at a time)

hold Ensures async function is only called once and caches results for other calls.

isg-events Synchronous and asynchronous cross-platform library for organizing events.

memonce Create async function wrapper that ensure wrapped function is only excecuted once and memorize execution result to pass to subsequence invocation

once Run a function exactly one time

once-later A simple wrapper around callbacks to make them fire both once and later.

once-preprocessor HTML preprocessor for Once CSS framework

onetime Only call a function once. Unlike the module `once`, this one isn't naughty extending `Function.prototype`.

qunit-once QUnit plugin for running module setup and teardown once

ready mixin to add one-time ready event callback handler

throttled create functions which only run once per event loop

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