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catalog A object oriented database wrapper

class.js A simple and efficient class inheritance implementation based on John Resig's code.

classic Straightforward classes for node.js or web browsers

comb A framework for node

composer.js Dead simple prototypical OO with musical flavor

dcl Elegant minimalistic implementation of OOP with mixins + AOP.

declare.js OO system from node and browser

fool Fake object-oriented library

hydrogen A minimal library for object-oriented JavaScript development

iface Interface realisation from OOP world for JavaScript

immute Simple utility for creating immutable value objects in node

iraasta-utils util tools for object oriented design

jsprops Properties for JavaScript Prototypes. Class based. Extended by a Signal implementation.

light-o Minimalistic minimal prototypical OO library.

mmclass ES5 Class util which follow the semantics of ES6 max-min class

node-oo Port of John Resig's lightweight OO model to Nodejs extended by common OO features.

o JavaScript utility belt for rich objects and prototypes. Ooooh!

oo-classlist npm install oo-classlist

oo-datepicker HTML date

oo-native-ext Extensions to native objects

oo-utils util tools for object oriented design

oojs Power for object oriented javascript libraries.

pd an ES5 / OO utility

stampit Create objects from reusable, composable behaviors.

this this is a tiny library for writing OO JavaScript. this makes it easy to write JavaScript classes and use simple object orientated techniques.

this-cli A Command-line interface for creating clean JavaScript using the [this]( JavaScript library.

topiarist a micro library for extension, mixin and interfaces.

versione Creates new versions of objects with new properties.

viral As simple as JS OO can be; in a tiny package

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