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31i73-class simple node.js class library

a5 NodeJS implementation of the A5 JavaScript development framework

alamid-class Easy prototype inheritance

api-js Portable JavaScript library for any kinds of Web API manipulation

arale Arale Class and Events

augment The world's smallest and fastest classical JavaScript inheritance pattern.

backbone-extend Customizable Backbone inheritance.

barman A small library to brew JavaScript objects.

blueprint A database agnostic model layer and OOP implementation designed for reusability between the client and server

boo Core prototypical primitives for Object Orientation/Composition.

capri Capri Library :: Clasic object oriented JavaScript

chic Chic is an extremely simple class-like interface to JavaScript prototypal inheritance

chic-event Chic Event is simple object-oriented event system for JavaScript

cl-intf Design-time interface verifying

class-extend Backbone like Class.extend utility for Node

class-js Simple OO Class factory

class-js2 Simple and powerful class utility to allow the easy use of OOP in JS. Includes inheritance, mixins, abstract classes, inherited statics, and more.

class.js A simple and efficient class inheritance implementation based on John Resig's code.

clazz-js Portable JavaScript library for class-style OOP programming

Cls Simple class abstraction in JavaScript

cocktail CocktailJS is a small library to explore traits, talents, inheritance and annotations concepts in nodejs - Shake your objects and classes with Cocktail!

coffee-mix Mixins support for CoffeeScript

concentric Improves OOP with interfaces and base classes

createclass A fully functional OOP framework that's still based on JavaScript's own OOP understanding, tools and syntax (i.e. Prototyping).

dcl Elegant minimalistic implementation of OOP with mixins + AOP.

declare dojo 1.7 based oop utils

defineClass Simple yet powerful OOP and AOP for JavaScript.

dejavu A set of object-oriented tools for JavaScript

dejavu-optimizer The dejavu optimizer

ejohn-classjs implementation of ejohn javascript inheritance

entity-js Portable JavasScript OOP library for entity manipulation

evo-elements Evo Cloud Basic Elements

exo oop framework for node and browser.

extendables Simple and elegant inheritance in JS.

file-class Object-oriented API for interacting with files

genfun Prototype-friendly multiple method dispatch for JS.

grunt-joopl-analyzer Integrates joopl-analyzer on GruntJS as a build task

heir Makes prototypical inheritance easy and robust

hoop Classes in plain Javascript - the right way.

iface Interface realisation from OOP world for JavaScript

importjs A port of ImportJS for node. Enables a packaging system for JavaScript class, similar to that of Java or ActionScript 3.

inherits Browser-friendly inheritance fully compatible with standard node.js inherits()

isg-types Free typification built on isg-events module.

jassino Simple OOP for JavaScript

javascript-oop JavaScript面向对象编程,类声明、继承……

jc JavaScript Class method

joopl-analyzer Analyzes jOOPL-based OOP JavaScript and creates a dependency map which is used to asynchronously-load dependencies behind the scenes!

js-class Define classes in Javascript

jsclass Portable class library for JavaScript

jsface Small, fast, elegant, powerful, and cross platform JavaScript OOP library. Support main, singleton, super call, private, mixins, plugins, AOP and more.

jsoop Javascript Object Oriented Programming(OOP) class library. Support node and browser

k-router A MVC/MVT style router for Connect/Express apps

katana Easy to use, modular web framework for any Node.js samurai.

kayclass A Class implementation for JavaScript

klass Class provider with classical inheritance interface

methodify Take a set of functions and make them methods of specified object

mikebase Class-free, pure prototypal inheritance

minion Classical Inheritance in JavaScript.

minnahtml An async aware HTML object library primarily aimed at Node.js users

mootools MooTools 1.4.5 Server library

mootools.js MooTools latest server library as npm package for node.js

myclass Probably the fastest JS class system out there

neko Lightweight JavaScript Classes.

neon Javascript DSL for Classical Inheritance

nobleclass A Class implementation inspired by Backbone classes

node-class Javascript Class system (Object oriented). Support Interfaces, Classes, Extends/Implements.

node-g3 G3 Framework

nodeclass Smart classes for node.js

objectfactory A modular JavaScript inheritance library that works nicely with browserify, CommonJS or just vanilla JavaScript.

oojs Power for object oriented javascript libraries.

oop-module Node.js library to transform modules into classes

oop-utils Some utilies for oop in Javascript

oop.js ## 介绍

oops Functional <3 to rescue from OOPs

oopsjs A port of OOPS.js for node. Enables a very simple structure for Object Oriented Programming.

origin An easily extendable base class

ovy A fast, elegant, powerful, and cross platform JavaScript OOP library. Support singleton, super call, private, mixins and more.

pathname OOP wrapper for `fs`, `path` and `Stat` functions

pd an ES5 / OO utility

practical-inheritance A true prototypal inheritance pattern that effectively replaces the classical constructor pattern

principal Async-friendly subclassing and option management

proto-scope Writes objects without `class`, but in the prototype way.

prototype4node prototype4node is an attempt to bring the power and simplicity of the prototypejs library, to NodeJS.

pseudoclass > An OOP framework for Node.js and the browser

qooxdoo OO programming with classes, mixins, interfaces and dynamic getters/setters

redefine A lightweight utility for ES6 like classes and an easier ES5 aware object properties definition introducing new, performance oriented, patterns.

relate Minimal OOP relational functions

selfish Class-free, pure prototypal inheritance

simpledeclare A simple implementation of declare() to have Javascript (single and multiple) inheritance in a very elegant, dojo-style way

soop Soop up your JavaScript.

stay-classy A lightweight JS library for imitating classes, based on Classy.

stdclass A dead simple JavaScript inheritance implementation. A tool, not a framework.

step-object More Object based creation of 'step' functions

stj Standard Toolkit Javascript. Multi-platform core javascript library. Provide OOP and useful functions. As brand free as possible and CommonJS philosophy.

swrap Simple Node service wrapper, with basic support for configs and classes.

thrive A base class that gives you event proxy, inheritance and object arguments

troop Full-featured, testable OOP

values Implementation of ValueObjects for Javascript and node

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