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apptrack [WIP] A node module that lets you create website analytics you own

ball-morphology Morphological operations with ball shaped structuring elements

browser-token-machine open a url, call a callback when user enters info

crawl-parser Connect middleware that allow the search engines, facebook, twitter crawlers... to read your webapp page

downpress Downpress is simple, fast and lightweight generator of static websites.

fb-js Facebook api for node.js done right, built on top of facebook-js.

fb-parser Connect middleware that allow the Facebook Open Graph parser to read your webapp page

get-port Get an available port

getport Find an open port to listen on.

grunt-open Open urls and files from a grunt task

gulp-connect-multi A fork of gulp-connect with multiple servers support

gulp-open Open files and URLs with gulp

irobot A human-friendly implementation of the iRobot Open Interface version 2 API.

latent Latent is a writable stream that buffers data until you decide where to write it by calling open(filename).

lots Little Open Ticket System. View todos and tags in a codebase.

mac-open Opens files from a shell via mac's open command.

mozpay fulfill web payments with navigator.mozPay()

node-oss-client Node.js client for Open Search Server.

nor-fs Asynchronous file system library with chainable Q promises for Node.js

ofcp open face chinese poker library

og-provider A simple promise based Open Graph Provider.

open open a file or url in the user's preferred application

open-graph An Open Graph implementation for Node.js.

open-graph-scraper Node.js scraper service for Open Graph info

open-uri Asynchronous Open URI, a CommonJS module inspired by Rubys Open-URI library.

openaddress A NodeJS client for the OpenAddress geocoding service

openex client API module for nodejs

openex-promises client API module for nodejs

opengraph A Open Graph API client for Node.js.

openport Finds open network ports.

opn A better node-open. Opens stuff like websites, files, executables. Cross-platform.

osm Display OpenStreetMaps.

philly-hoods An API wrapper for - a neighborhoods API for Philadelphia

portalizer a tool for finding data portals

portdiscovery Finds an open port and sends the output to stdout

read-chunk Read a chunk from a file

receiptverifier Verify Open Web App Receipts

rework-font-variant Implements the font-variant-* properties for browsers that don't yet support them.

surfboard Open web pages through Node

syncml-js A pure javascript implementation of the SyncML adapter framework and protocol.

tabexplode A streaming CLI for opening all URLs piped to it in a browser

weibo Weibo SDK, base on node. Now support weibo, tqq, tsohu, twitter and github.

yactraq Interface to Yactraq Speech2Topics API

yc-open this is a open tool for yc

zoo-crawler The crawler module fetches the best general information for any url. It's an open-source port of Zootool's content detection engine

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