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dl-tiles Downloads tiles from OSM for a location and saves them in an MBTiles store

leaflet-edit-osm a button to edit osm on leaflet maps

leaflet-editinosm A control to open OpenStreetMap editors from a Leaflet map

leaflet-osm-notes show notes from OpenStreetMap on Leaflet

name-suggestion-index common names used in OSM

opening_hours Library to parse and process opening_hours tag from OpenStreetMap data

openstreetmap-mongo Store Openstreetmap data in Mongo DB

openstreetmapmongo Store Openstreetmap data in Mongo DB

osm-and-geojson convert to and from osm and geojson files

osm-auth a usable example of javascript oauth with openstreetmap

osm-gpx retrieve GPX data from the OSM API

osm-stream stream minutely openstreetmap diffs

osm2geojson Streams OSM data in XML format to GeoJSON.

osmtogeojson convert OSM to geojson

passport-openstreetmap OpenStreetMap authentication strategy for Passport.

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