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algorithmbox A metaheuristic algorithm development framework for solving discrete optimization problem

assetgraph-middleware Express middleware for optimizing and manipulating HTML pages and their related assets while serving them

broccoli-clean-css CSS minifier for Broccoli with clean-css

broccoli-css-mqpacker Media Queries combiner for Broccoli with CSS MQPacker

collapsify Inlines all of the JavaScripts, stylesheets, images, fonts etc. of an HTML page.

conpa Asset allocation application

datauri Data-URI scheme tools and generators

etpm A Package Manager for ET

finance Module for portfolio optimization, prices and options

grunt-croc-requirejs Grunt plugin for building RequireJS-based applications with optimizing js, css and Handlebars templates

grunt-imageoptim Automate ImageOptim, ImageAlpha, and JPEGmini

grunt-imgmin Use rflynn's aggressive, lossy image optimizer, imgmin.

grunt-imgo Image optimization for Grunt using imgo.

helium-cli A tool to detect unused CSS across multiple web pages

hone.js HTML, js, css optimization

html-prefixer Prefix urls in <script>/<link>/<img> with a cdn URL

huddle Pack and compress CSS and Javascript from an HTML file

imageoptim-cli Automates ImageOptim, ImageAlpha, and JPEGmini for Mac to make batch optimisation of images part of your automated build process.

img-optim Set of utilities to run command line tools for image optimization

imgr Image resizing, cropping, optimisation and serving

inkscape The inkscape utility as a readable/writable stream

inlinify Inline functions in JavaScript

jpegtran The jpegtran utility as a readable/writable stream

js-inliner Inline <script> tags under the specified size

js-prefixer Prefix urls in javascript code with a cdn URL

mathopt Mathematical optimization methods

memoize-with-leveldb Memoize functions with LevelDB

microprofiler Low-level profiling for node.js: squeeze those microseconds.

mimosa-require AMD/RequireJS module for Mimosa browser development workflow tool

mobilize Inlines all of the JavaScripts, stylesheets and images of an HTML page.

mop Optimizes Montage applications for production by minifying, to reduce file size, and creating bundles, to reduce the number of requests.

nlopt A numerical nonlinear optimization library for node. A wrapper around nlopt.

node-ursa A front end development workbench with server/https/template engine/optimization tools support

optipng The optipng utility as a readable/writable stream

owlqn Orthant-Wise Limited-memory Quasi-Newton

phoenix A Package Manager for Phoenix Engine

pminpm A Package Manager In Package

pngcrush The pngcrush utility as a readable/writable stream

pngquant The pngquant utility as a readable/writable stream

poseidon-cassandra A future wrapper around the node-cassandra-cql driver using Poseidon

raptor RaptorJS provides an AMD module loader that works in Node, Rhino and the web browser. It also includes various sub-modules to support building optimized web applications.

raptor-dust Support module for integrating Dust and RaptorJS

scratch Scratch memory

spmbatch spm batch

sprightly Sprightly reads multiple images, writes a sprite, and writes CSS to simplify using that sprite in a browser.

spriteasy This tool reads multiple images via configuration file or commandline arguments and writes sprite images and stylesheet files to simplify using that sprite in a browser. This tool also provides a posibility to compile less files and merge all generated stylesheet information into one big stylesheet.

spritegen Sprite generator that takes a root directory and recursively combines all images into a sprite and style sheet.

static-pages Build amazingly optimzed static html pages!!

unreadable An intelligent/CSS-aware HTML Minifier and Optimizer

wag Parses a connected pile of web assets (html, css, javascript, images) and builds a graph, modeling each file and the dependencies between them.

wbc Static Package Manager

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