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argh light weight option/argv parser for node, it only parses options, nothing more then that.

argp Command-line option parser

argsparser A tiny command line arguments parser

argumentum Option parser with generated usage and commands

argv CLI Argument Parser

backbone-view-options A mini Backbone.js plugin to declare and get/set options on views.

cl-options Command line options parser, it accepts options starting with -- and a string of any length and can associate to it a shortcut which will be a letter preceded by one - only. many shortcuts can be bounded after a single dash to form somethign like -abcde where a b c d e are shortcuts for command line options. options are by default optional but they may be set as mandatory, options don't have an expected value by default but they can be set to have one. The settings for the possible options are passed to the constructor as an array of js objects.

cli-argparse Lightweight argument parser

coffeenode-fillin String Interpolation library; also contains methods to fill in key/value pairs of objects and to iterate over nested facets

configure A simple multiple-configuration management module.

confuse merge arguments and config files recursively up a directory tree

cynic A pedantic wrapper around substack's optimist module for Node.js.

dargs Converts an object of options into an array of command-line arguments. Useful when calling command-line tools.

dargs-object Fork of Converts an object of options into an array of command-line arguments. Useful when calling command-line tools. Now object-aware

defaultify utility javascript module to set object literals used as options for functions

define-options Define valid properties for an options litteral, and return a function that can validate the options

docopt a command line option parser that will make you smile

express-cors-options Create a catch all for responding to CORS OPTIONS method requests

extract-opts Extract the options and callback from a function's arguments easily

figc Merge config files with command-line arguments

grunt-load-options A simple plugin to modularize your Gruntfile by putting options and tasks in a `grunt` subfolder.

gruntest mirror x 2 on the wall, who's the gruntest of them all?

lineparser A meta-data driven command line parser for Node.js

manpage CLI manual helper and argument parser.

masala Curry-like secret sauce for option-object accepting functions and constructors

mattisg.configloader A configuration loader focused on handling overrides cascades.

named simple wrapper for generating functions with named parameters

node-opt Very basic options

nomnom Option parser with generated usage and commands

nopt-defaults Default options for nopt

normalize-config Normalize options, files objects, arrays and src-dest mappings into an object of tasks and targets.

ops Applies defaults to options for your function and classes

opter A Node JS wrapper around commander to allow for easy commandline and env var parsing

optionator option parsing and help generation

opts-parser A very simple options string parser similiar to CSS.

parsy Tiny command line options parser for node.js in CoffeeScript.

pref Remember user preferences via LocalStorage

preflight preflight requests middleware

principal Async-friendly subclassing and option management

render-options-injector A simple library to help injecting render options globally

setting Simple settings

slop Overly simple, c(S)ommand Line Options Parser.

sphinx Guards your objects against unwanted tampering.

syntaxhighlighter-brush Brush module for SyntaxHighlighter.

syntaxhighlighter-html-renderer HTML renderer module for SyntaxHighlighter.

tlsopts Make TLS configuration simple

ultra-repl Starting with Node's built in REPL, add in a completely redone inspect formatter, actual functioning separate V8 contexts, keybindings to create, switch, and delete between them, combine it with a bunch of color. ULTRA REPL.

validity-required-options Validity style validator which validates a field against a set of valid options

xtend extend like a boss

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