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and P2P Team chat & todo solution

ArcusNode A RTMFP Rendevouz Server For Peer Assisted Networking With Adobe Flash

bittorrent-dht Simple, robust, BitTorrent DHT implementation

bittorrent-protocol Simple, robust, BitTorrent peer wire protocol implementation

bittorrent-swarm Simple, robust, BitTorrent swarm implementation

bittorrent-sync A simple wrapper for the BitTorrent Sync API

bittorrent-tracker Simple, robust, BitTorrent tracker (client & server) implementation

bonfires Enables WebRTC Peers to act as Signaling Servers

btc-p2p Manage a network of Bitcoin peers

crytter distributed peer to peer social networking feeds

distribus A scalable, distributed message bus

forward-proxy p2p http forward and socks proxy based on and Node.js

get-telehash Telehash

holla An abstraction over P2P video/voice/data connections using WebRTC

httpp-proxy A full-featured httpp reverse proxy for node.js

internet Framework for creating peer-to-peer browser networks local STUN proxy

kademlia An implementation of the Kademlia DHT in node.js

littlehook A lan-wide EventEmitter2 implementation supporting complete decentralization, auto-discovery and request-response emulation.

magnet-uri Parse a magnet URI and return an object of keys/values

n2n a Node.js P2P network

node-synapse [WIP] Registering P2P IPs

nodetron A peer-to-peer, nearly-server-less, rich-client web app library using WebRTC.

onramp Web Socket Server to Connect to P2P Networks

otrtalk distributed p2p off-the-record two-party chat

p2p-manager Create a peer-to-peer relationship

p2p-node Create a peer-to-peer relationship

p2p-rpc-stream rpc streams with client/server or between peers (both sides act as client & server)

p2p-session-store Peer-to-Peer Session Store for Connect and Express P2P Distributed Workload for NodeJS

peer-connection A nicer peer connection api

peer-connection-network network of peer connections

peer-connection-pool Pool of peer connections

peer-connection-shim Emulating peer connection in node & browser

peer-proxy Proxy web service from peer

peer-store Maintain a synchronized data store between connected Node.js applications

peer-vnc noVNC port of Node.js for Peers

peerbalanced Distributed peer-to-peer load balancing

peercache Distributed peer-to-peer caching

peercached Distributed peer-to-peer caching

peerjs-lobby a lobby system for peer to peer apps

pilvi P2P javascript rock'n'roll

plink Simple peer-to-peer browser connections with tokens

plink-server Basic websocket server for plink, based on onramp

pnode peer-to-peer dnode over anything!

pnode-store Maintain a synchronized data store between connected Node.js applications

relaychum friend-to-friend anonymous darknet

remoteobjects Remote objects in a distributed peer-to-peer network

rtc-mesh A synchronized, distributed P2P mesh data structure using WebRTC data channels

signal-channel A signal channel that empowers webrtc

smokesignal Build your own small (or larger) peer to peer network.

telehash A simplified telehash library for node and browserify

telehash-js An implementation of telehash in pure javascript

thjs An implementation of telehash in pure javascript that works in the browser.

udt A pure JavaScript implementation of UDP-based Data Transfer Protocol.

ut_metadata Extension for Peers to Send Metadata Files (BEP 9)

utp utp (micro transport protocol) implementation in node

voter Distributed voting based on Scuttlebutt

webchat P2P chatting framework based on WebRTC

wrtc Standards-compliant WebRTC implementation for Node

wspp Lightly modified version of einaros/ws to support peer or p2p streaming for node.js

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