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array-pack-2d Quickly pack a nested 2D array into a typed array – useful for flattening point data into a WebGL-friendly format

bin-pack A packing algorithm for 2D bin packing. Largely based on code and a blog post by Jake Gordon.

binpack Minimalist numeric binary packing utilities for node.js

binstruct Read/write binary data structures to/from buffers.

boxpack Bin packing algorithm for rectangles

bufferput Pack multibyte binary values into buffers

bundlejs simplistic tool for bundling javascripts and css files

ByteBuffer pack or unpack a byte array

g33k-packer Live assets packer with uglify/less/htmlminifier with live reload support

git-objectify-pack transform offset+data bits into full git objects

godmode packs all html dependecies in one html page

grunt-contrib-pack complie and pack seajs module

grunt-nuget Grunt NuGet interface - Prepare, package and publish your application in NuGet gallery using Grunt JS

html5-packer Pack your HTML5-Apps into a single HTML file.

huddle Pack and compress CSS and Javascript from an HTML file

isabella-texture-pack Creative commons licensed texture pack for voxel games

js-uglydb Pack large JSON objects into to small sizes by normalizing.

layout Organize and layout items based on various algorithms

lexicographic-integer create lexicographic string keys for positive integers without zero-padding

multibuffer Package Arrays of Buffers into a single buffer that they can be later unpacked from.

ndarray-pack Packs an array-of-arrays into a single ndarray

npmbox npm addon utility for creating and installing from an archive file of an npm install, including dependencies.

pa-archive Extract and create .pa archives

pack Minify, obfuscate and encrypt node modules

pack-exporter Packer is used to traverse the require dependencies and export the files as a package

pack.js Makes html page minified by packing all depended css and js in one file

packet Pure JavaScript evented binary parsers and serializers for Node.js.

pintupinqu TUQU Frontend Develop TOOLS

put Pack multibyte binary values into buffers

ssa-layout Organize and layout items based on various algorithms, forked from Todd Wolfson's layout

structjs **Structjs** allows mapping of contiguously allocated binary data to JavaScript objects for both Node.js and the Browser.

tar-stream tar-stream is a streaming tar parser and generator and nothing else. It is streams2 and operates purely using streams which means you can easily extract/parse tarballs without ever hitting the file system.

tarzan Package tarballs with options

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