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grunt-plugin-pkg2cmp To create a component.json file for bower from the package.json

grunt-prepare-install Install runtime dependencies to prepare for packaging.

grunt-rpm Grunt plugin to create RPM packages out of a project.

grunt-urequire A Grunt wrapper around uRequire <>

gulp-unzip gulp plugin for unzip

h5p A helping tool for developing HTML5 Packages.

haven Browser Package Manager

iitest iiTest Package (Only for test)

importjs A port of ImportJS for node. Enables a packaging system for JavaScript class, similar to that of Java or ActionScript 3.

importsjs A simple package manager similar to C++'s imports instead of AMD.

incremental-installer A module that helps create scripts that install non-npm dependencies for a project. Allows for smoothly and incremental adding dependencies during development

incremental-installer-maker A module that helps create scripts that install non-npm dependencies for a project. Allows for smoothly and incremental adding dependencies during development

infuse Mainline your node JavaScript for universal consumption.

init-package-json A node module to get your node module started

insight Understand how your tool is being used by anonymously reporting usage metrics to Google Analytics

jdm package management

jstm Javascript template manager

kaffee Kaffee is a software project management tool similar to Maven and is written in Coffeescript. Kaffee allows you to compile, test, minify and many other tasks to make building your application simple and fun again.

kaffee-cli Command line interface for the Kaffee library.

kelt kelt is a simple command line interface to create template from a project and reutilize.

kiko a widget manage

knighkit knighkit 是自动化,模块开发,并支持自动打包,支持远程调试的前端开发框架。 目的是减少前端开发过程中的重复工作,使你更关注程序本身。

ldc linked data container manager

ldpm linked data container manager

leonshitestpackage My first trial to understand how nodejs package works

lightjs light package manager

lights lights package manager

lode The easiest way to use JavaScript modules.

lpm Simple script to install max4live devices, aims to be a package manager sort of npm thing

lua-loader Manage your Lua modules with npm

lver Returns latest published version of a given npm package.

manage_package Test using npm to generate directories.

metamorph Morphs package meta files into each other.

mimosa-bower A Bower integration module for Mimosa

mimosa-minify Minification module for Mimosa browser development workflow tool

mimosa-minify-js JS Minification module w/source maps for Mimosa browser development workflow tool

mimosa-require-library-package A library packaging module for Mimosa

mimosa-web-package Web App Packaging Module for Mimosa

miniproxy Run a proxy that routes your different projects using their package.json files

mkpkg Make new Node.js packages easy.

mnpm mirrored node packaged modules

moardeps CLI tool to help add the latest non-bugfix semver of a given module to your package.json's list of dependencies.

module-info Find package.json files in module and load information from it

modulelint Check the module

mono-angular-package Angular interface package/bundle for MonoStack

mono-cluster-package A package/bundle for clustering multiple MonoStack

mono-db-package Database package/bundle for MonoStack

mono-express-package Express interface package/bundle for MonoStack

mono-http-package HTTP package/bundle for MonoStack Middleware

mono-mongo-package MongoDB support package/bundle for MonoStack

mono-mvc-package MVC package/bundle for MonoStack

mono-mysql-package MySQL support package/bundle for MonoStack

mono-session-package Request cookie-based session handler package/bundle for MonoStack HTTP Package

mono-static-package Static file server package/bundle for MonoStack HTTP Package

mono-template-package Templating package/bundle for MonoStack Middleware

mono-winston-package Winston support package/bundle for MonoStack

mounter Install your subprojects from git endpoint into your project

nap Compile and package your assets including stylesheets, javascripts, and client-side javascript templates for node.js

nar node.js application archive

nenya package management

next-update-stats Collects anonymous nodejs module version upgrade statistics

next-updater Dependable and safe automatic dependency updater for Nodejs packages

ngpm Angular Package Manager

ngspec dependency manager and injector for web applications

nice-package Simple async client-side resource bundling for Node.js

node-github-list-packages A Node library and a commandline tool to list used packages in a github repository.

node-heroku Wrapper for the Heroku API

nodedemo first package

normalize-pkg Normalize values in package.json to improve compatibility, programmatic readability and usefulness with third party libs.

npcp npm package config parser

npm-amd Scans installed npm modules, browserifies them if they are not AMD, and produce a path object to be consumed by RequireJS and the like.

npm-dep-chain Get all the NPM dependencies for a module / set of modules (goes down the stack, for all the subdependencies etc)

npm-name Check whether a package name is available on npm

npm-new Just new an npm pkg.

npm-onupdate CLI for service

npm-package-bumper Bump an npm package.json version

npm-packages Fetch a user's package count from NPM

npm-pkginfo Lightweight version of npm-registry-client#get with configurable cache stores.

npm-research Nice little utility to help you research NPM packages.

npmatchub Attempts to match npm users who failed to provide their github name with a github account and do the same for their npm packages.

npmboot Spawn bootstrap npm packages.

npmd-jquery Install jQuery from bower into a node app via npm. jQuery JavaScript Library

npmedge Lists packages whose latest available version does not satisfy the specification in package.json.

npmlint WIP - Lint your npm package

npmmvn Hack to read NPM modules from a Maven repository

ntspm Node.js typescript package manager

nuget-count Fetch a user's package count from Nuget

pack-assets Pack your javascripts or css files into one file.

package-deps Examine a package.json's dependencies and find all sub-depdendcies.

package-maker Automatically generate package.json dependencies by crawling requires

package-script Spawn external process in additional to the package install

package-version-updator seajs-package version updator

packagejsonexample A documented package.json file

packager Install npm packages listed in Npmfile

packagesuo A module for learn packageinit

packagify Convert a module file to module package

packev Run an event when a NPM package have been updated/created.

packin a simple package manager

packpath Find the path(s) package.json.

packver Return version number for package in current directory

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