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atropa-string-pad Pads strings on the right or left with user defined characters or strings.

ep_new_pad Etherpad lite plugin to crate a REALLY new pad (database check). Call to use it.

ep_push2delete Displays a button that will allow anyone to fully delete the pad they're viewing.

ep_right_to_left Make the text inside a Pad and Chat go from right to left

extensions Doin' freaky nasty things to the built in prototypes.

left-pad String left pad

leftpad left pad numbers

lpad Left pad each line in a string

ndresize Resizes n-dimensional images (or volumes) by cropping and padding

node-string-pad String padding module

pad Left and right string padding

pad-component Pad strings to a given length

pad-stdio Pad stdout and stderr

padder Pad strings in different ways

zero-fill Zero-fill a number to the given size.

zerofill Zero-pad a number to the given size.

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