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example-pagination Pagination examples for Assemble.

handlebars-helper-paginate {{paginate}} handlebars helper, for adding pagination to Assemble, the static site generator for Node.js, Grunt.js and Yeoman.

handlebars-paginate Handlebars helper for pagination.

jquery-scroll-on-mongoose A front-end jquery plugin, provide endless scrolling function based on jonas's mongoose-paginator on the back-end. Benefit: avoid usage of cursor.skip in mongodb

level-paginate Streaming pagination for leveldb.

mongoose-cursor mongoose-cursor

mongoose-pager Mongoose Query Pagination

mongoose-paginate Mongoose ORM (NodeJS/MongoDB) Document Query Pagination

mongoose-pagination Mongoose Query Pagination

mongoose-paginator Mongoose plugin for ranged pagination

mongoose-query-paginate Mongoose Query paginate.

mongoose-troop a collection of plugins for mongoose

mongoose-utilities a collection of plugins for mongoose

nodejs-yapaginate yet another paginate view helper

paganate Pagination event emitter.

pager-component Pager ui component

paginate-js Paginate whatever you want, client and server side

phx-pagination ExpressJS + Mongoose ORM (ExpressJS/NodeJS/MongoDB) Document Query Pagination

pure-pagination Pure paging implementation reference.

slickback Slickback brings Backbone and SlickGrid together

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