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backbone.obscura A read-only proxy of a Backbone.Collection that can easily be filtered, sorted, and paginated.

backbone.paginator A set of pagination components for Backbone.js

backbone.paginator-browserify A set of pagination components for Backbone.js adapted for browserify

chopchop (wip) easy paging for web apps

connect-pagination Exposes a connect middleware to easily parse and create pagination query strings.

data-pager Abstraction for the fiddly logic associated with paging results

docpad-plugin-paged DocPad plugin which adds the ability to render a document out to multiple pages

ember-infinite-pagination Infinite Pagination for EmberJS

ember-pagination Pagination framework for ember.js.

example-pagination Pagination examples for Assemble.

handlebars-paginate Handlebars helper for pagination.

jquery-gift-of-the-pagi A clean prev/next paginator to be used with Bootstrap 3

level-paginate Streaming pagination for leveldb.

mongoose-cursor mongoose-cursor

mongoose-list List plugin for mongoose that allows pagination, filtering, and sorting.

mongoose-pager Mongoose Query Pagination

mongoose-pages A pagination plugin for Mongoose ODM

mongoose-pagination Mongoose Query Pagination

mongoose-troop a collection of plugins for mongoose

mongoose-utilities a collection of plugins for mongoose

node-pagination pagination for Node.js

nodejs-yapaginate yet another paginate view helper

offset-stream Drops the first x chunks

orm-paging ORM Pagination Helper

paganate Pagination event emitter.

paged-iterator An iterator for traversing pages of results item by item

pager-component Pager ui component

pagination Pagination for javascript/nodejs

pagination-pager {{pagination-pager}} - Ember.js Component for Bootstrap 3 pagination & pager components

paginator Generic pagination algorithm wrapped in a CommonJS module

paginatorjs paginator facade for node

phx-pagination ExpressJS + Mongoose ORM (ExpressJS/NodeJS/MongoDB) Document Query Pagination

pure-css-pagination Pagination for javascript/nodejs

pure-pagination Pure paging implementation reference.

request-all-pages Requests all pages of paginated data and emits them into a stream or aggregates them into an array.

simon Simple Mongodb for Node.js library

spine.paginator Paginator / Pagination for Spine.

sr-pagination Simple pagination generator.

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