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acceptance Validate dynamic parameters against a predefined schema

argent Declarative handling of optional parameters

arguejs ArgueJS is a library that allows you to delightfully extend your methods's signatures with optional parameters, default values and type-checking.

argumentor function tool that takes care of parameters

check-types A tiny library for checking arguments and throwing exceptions.

chk The world's only javascript value checker

es6-default-params Function default parameters compiled to ES5.

flat-param Parse url parameters, connect middleware.

http-params get http parameters

mingle function operations, composition, and interpolation in JavaScript

mongoose-api-query Given a Mongoose model and an array of URI params, construct a query for use in a search API.

named simple wrapper for generating functions with named parameters

named-argv a simple node module that helps passing named arguments

negative1 Ensure the last parameter to your method is a callback

normalize-arguments Normalize arguments almost like for overloaded methods (not really)

optify Generates a combination matrix from a set of options key/value pairs.

param param is a tiny module to read config parameters

param2doc Express middleware to automatically map routing parameters onto Mongoose documents

paramrule a simple parameters rules manager

pathbuilder Easily modify parameters in paths.

pg-spice Monkey patch providing sugar and spice atop the node.js PostgreSQL client library

query-parse Parse query strings to objects and objects to strings. Hides null or empty values.

scrub scrub arguments until they are clean

shortcode-params This utility combine user attributes with known attributes and fill in defaults when needed.

varity A simple wrapper to make variable length arities easier to manage

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