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graphlib-dot A DOT language parser / writer for graphlib

gray-matter A simple to use and extend front matter library. Supports parsing and extracting YAML, JSON, TOML or Coffee Front-Matter, with options to set custom delimiters.

grunt-css-parse Grunt plugin for css parse (

grunt-file-process Grunt plugin for files (text-based) processing activities.

grunt-strip-json-comments Strip comments from JSON. Lets you use comments in your JSON files!

gulp-jsvalidate Validate JavaScript code and report possible syntax errors

gulp-strip-json-comments Strip comments from JSON. Lets you use comments in your JSON files!

gulp-todo Generate a file from your javascript todos and fixmes

hal-body Parse hal+json body using halson and co-body

html-extractor Extract meta-data from a html string. It extracts the body, title, meta-tags and first headlines to a object to push them to a search indexer like elastic-search

html2scss Parse HTML to Sass SCSS structure format.

http-params get http parameters

httppp Deal with only the bits of HTTP you care about. Let the streams flow.

ip-header IP header parsing

ip-stream IP header serialization object stream.

iron-payload-parser A utility to help parse the payload given to an worker. Options to enable the user to specify required and optional variables.

isodate-traverse Traverse an object and convert all ISO strings into Dates.

jaques Classily enquire about one's JSON.

jbinary High-level I/O for binary data.

jedi-crawler Lightsabing Node/PhantomJS crawler. Crawl almost everything, including AJAX content.

jlick Streaming configurably terminated (simple) JSON parser

jparser A jquery-like library for parse html file for server environment

jquery-dom Wrapper on jsdom that includes jquery libary and promises

js_analysis Javascript Static Code Analysis Engine

js2xmlparser Parses JavaScript objects into XML

js2xmlparser2 Parses JavaScript objects into XML. This is a fork of the original js2xmlparser, with some additional features

json-bigint JSON.parse with bigints support

json-body Concat stream and parse JSON

json-front-matter Extract JSON front matter from strings and files

json-literal-parse superset of JSON.parse() adding regex, null, and octal literals

json-parse Simple module that parses a given JSON file

json-parse-stream streaming json parser

json-parser-stream JSON.parse transform stream

json-san A JSON module with Actually Useful parse errors by jshint, *and* support for callbacks! But mostly the parse errors.

json-scrape scrape json from messy input streams

json-stringify-date Like JSON.stringify, but preserve timezones in date objects and parse dates into Date object

json-toolkit A simple library to do extensive things with JSON.

json2csv Convert json to csv with column titles

json2csv-stream Transform stream data from json to csv

jsonix Jsonix (JSON interfaces for XML) is a JavaScript library which allows converting between XML and JSON structures.

jsonlint-js extended linting of JSON-formatted text

jsons Transform stream for parsing and stringifying JSON

jsontocsv Convert lines of JSON data to CSV

jsonX a port of xpath for json

jsp A nicer JSON.parse() with convenient error handling.

jstream Continously reads in JSON and outputs Javascript objects.

jsuck Streaming (optionally) newline/whitespace delimited JSON parser

jsun Error catching JSON methods. Hides away the try/catch madness for parsing strings and stringifying JSON objects.

koa-body koa middleware that parses request body

koa-json-body koa middleware to parse json request bodies

kurl It's a powerfull URL parser written in JavaScript and compatible with NodeJS with a lot of features that it will help you to modify/parse easily a URL without any problem.

let-er Transpile let-block block-scoping into ES3 or ES6

linewise Splits a stream into lines

linez Parses lines from text, preserving line numbers, offsets and line endings.

link-grammar Link grammar library node interface

link-injection Parse text for keywords and replace with links for documentation

lop Create parsers using parser combinators with helpful error messages

mac-address MAC address parsing functions

madams5-co-body request body parsing for co

mailin Artisanal inbound emails for every web app

markdown-tag parse tag delimited markdown from a text source

markdown-tree Convert a markdown document into a JSON tree structure.

match-token Given a string and a position, it finds the position of the token matching the one at the given position.

metamd Parse out meta data from your markdown content

minecraft-protocol Parse and serialize minecraft packets, plus authentication and encryption.

minecraft-server-properties Parse and stringify the Minecraft file format

moment Parse, manipulate, and display dates.

moment-component Parse, manipulate, and display dates.

moment-jdateformatparser Translates the `java.text.SimpleDateFormat` date format to the `moment.js` date format.

moment-parseformat A moment.js plugin to extract the format of a date/time string

moment-tokens Unix/php format tokens for moment.js

moment.parseformat A moment.js plugin to extract the format of a date/time string

mr.rager A simple and extremely chill parser for the Content-Range header, written in Javascript

naturaltime Parse natural language times ("in 10 minutes", etc.)

nbt-stream Parse or Compile NBT files

ng-parse-module Small utility to read/write Angular module creation calls.

ng-parser A standalone implementation of angular's expression parser

node-csv A CSV parser for node.js

node-env-file Parse and load environment files (containing ENV variable exports) into Node.js environment, i.e. `process.env`.

node-expat NodeJS binding for fast XML parsing.

node-expat-meteor Meteor binding for fast XML parsing.

node-expat-plist Property list parser using node-expat A distributed data scraping and processing framework A distributed data scraping and processing framework for node.js

normalify Normalize different variable value types - e.g. `"1"` becomes `1`

npm-bookmark-parser Parses Chrome bookmarks file into JSON format

numerizer Parse numbers in natural language from strings

object-parse A universal object parser for module settings and configuratiom with easy to manage and view option settings.

org-lite Does some parsing of the org-mode format

pa-archive Extract and create .pa archives

parg Parse arguments with ease

parse-base64vlq-mappings Parses out base64 VLQ encoded mappings.

parse-duration convert a human readable duration string to ms

parse-expressions expressions for Fire.js

parse-geocoder Parse data returned by geocoder into easily usable format

parse-http-header Parses parameterized HTTP header value strings into objects

parse-import Parse CSS @import statements

parse-json-response Gather up a JSON response from a server, and call the cb

parse-link-header Parses a link header and returns paging information for each contained link.

parse-listing Small library to parse file listings into JavaScript objects

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