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a-csv A CSV parsing/stringify module

abaco Abaco, an ultra fast number parser for Buffers.

abcnode ABC notation parser for JavaScript

acc-lang-parser A simple parser for http Accept-Language headers.

accept-language Parse the HTTP Accept-Language header

accept-language-parser Parse the accept-language header from a HTTP request

addressit Freeform Street Address Parser

aiml Artificial Intelligence Markup Language lib for Node.js

angular-expressions Angular expressions as standalone module

annotation Annotation parser for JavaScript

apacheconf Apacheconf is an apache config file parser

aql-parser A parser for AQL in node using jison.

arg-parser node cli arguments parser

argh light weight option/argv parser for node, it only parses options, nothing more then that.

argp Command-line option parser

argparse Very powerful CLI arguments parser. Native port of argparse - python's options parsing library

args Command line arguments parser

args.js Another argument parser for node.js

argsparser A tiny command line arguments parser

argtypes JavaScript function arguments type parser

arguable Usage-first argument parser.

arguably Command line arguments parser

argumentum Option parser with generated usage and commands

argv-parser Argv-parser is a small and simple node.js module to parser `process.argv`.

asf-parser streaming ASF audio file metdata parser

assemble-markdown-data An Assemble plugin for automatic parsing of markdown in data.

assemble-package-manager Utilities for managing packages.

assemble-plugin-markdown-data An Assemble plugin for automatic parsing of markdown in data.

assemble-plugin-related-pages An Assemble plugin for generating lists of related pages.

assemble-related-pages An Assemble plugin for generating lists of related pages.

assemble-utils Utilities built for the Assemble project.

ast-match Match AST nodes using JSON Schema.

atok-parser Parser generator based on the atok tokenizer

aws-arn-parser Parser for Amazon Resource Name strings

babyparse Fast and reliable CSV parser based on PapaParse

baidu-jn-less Baidu jn customized less

baidu-less Leaner CSS

barse Binary parser with a fluent api

bartlett A functional recursive descent parsing library

basalt A native BSON parser addon for Node.

bastascript A JavaScript dialect that adds some useful crap.

baucis-json Streaming JSON parser and formatter for baucis.

bboxed An extensible bbcode parser for node.js

bcp47 Parser for the BCP 47 language tag specification

bencode-stream Bencode streaming encoder/decoder

bennu Parser Combinator Library

better-markdown-walker A utility for walking a directory structure and parsing markdown to html

bibtex-parse-js A JavaScript library that parses BibTeX to JSON

bibtex-parser CommonJS port of BibTeX-js

bibtex-parser-js A JavaScript library that parses BibTeX to JSON

binary-parse-stream Painless streaming binary protocol parsers using generators.

binary-parser Blazing-fast binary parser builder

binaryparser Library for parsing binary data

bitparser Optimized parsing of bits from a Buffer

ble-packet-parser Bluetooth 4.0 LE packet parser.

bless CSS Post-Processor

blindparser blindparser is an all purpose RSS/ATOM feed parser that parses feeds into a common format so that you do not have to care if they are RSS or ATOM feeds.

bloodyroots Recursive descent parser

bnf BNF Compiler, parser, and interpreter framework.

bo-selector CSS selector parser based on jison

bop Bop, an ultra fast Boyer-Moore parser/matcher optimized for string and buffer patterns (<= 255 bytes), then it is ideal for parsing multipart/form-data streams, that have a pattern / boundary length < ~70 bytes.

bplist-parser Binary plist parser.

breader length-marked binary protocol reader

bson A bson parser for node.js and the browser

c4ini Parser for ini files as used by Clonk masterservers.

canopy PEG parser compiler for JavaScript

canto34 A library for helping you build recursive descent parsers and regex-based lexers

character-parser Parse JavaScript one character at a time to look for snippets in Templates. This is not a validator, it's just designed to allow you to have sections of JavaScript delimited by brackets robustly.

cheerio Tiny, fast, and elegant implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server

cirru-parser Parser for Cirru Grammer

civet a cross end template parser.

cjson cjson - Commented Javascript Object Notation. It is a json loader, which parses only valide json files, but with comments enabled. Usefull for loading configs.

cjson-papandreou cjson - Commented Javascript Object Notation. It is a json loader, which parses only valide json files, but with comments enabled. Usefull for loading configs.

cl-options Command line options parser, it accepts options starting with -- and a string of any length and can associate to it a shortcut which will be a letter preceded by one - only. many shortcuts can be bounded after a single dash to form somethign like -abcde where a b c d e are shortcuts for command line options. options are by default optional but they may be set as mandatory, options don't have an expected value by default but they can be set to have one. The settings for the possible options are passed to the constructor as an array of js objects.

clarinet SAX based evented streaming JSON parser in JavaScript (browser and node)

clean clean parses and santitize argv or options for node, supporting fully extendable types, shorthands, validatiors and setters.

cleansv Cleans CSV

clf-parser A basic parser for the common log format seen in apache and nginx logs

cliopt command line parser

cljs-parser Clojurescript parser

clonkrefiniparser Lightweight parser for INI-Files and Clonk (R) game references

clover a toy language

clt node.js comand line tools

cmd-argv Commandline Argument Parser

cmdparser Command parser with support for completers.

co-body request body parsing for co

co-feedparser co wrapper for feedparser package.

color-parser CSS color string parser

combigreater the greater parser combinator library

comma S{t,c}reaming fast CSV parser

command_input a lightweight solution for node.js command-line input

commandant A command line framework for node.js

commander the complete solution for node.js command-line programs

commander-plus the complete solution for node.js command-line programs

comment-parser Generic JSDoc-like comment parser.

component-props Parse immediate identifiers from a js expression

connection-parse Simple TCP connection string parser

content-range Content-range header formatter.

cookieparser cookieparser

couchdb-log-parse A program for parsing CouchDB logs

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