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allium Simpler Gherkin parsing

ast-types Esprima-compatible implementation of the Mozilla JS Parser API

babyparse Fast and reliable CSV parser based on PapaParse

bitparser Optimized parsing of bits from a Buffer

buffoon buffer streams into strings, buffers, json or queries

canto34 A library for helping you build recursive descent parsers and regex-based lexers

combinator Find multiple concurrent <script> or <link> tags and turn 'em into single, combo-handled tags

creditcard Creditcard number parsing, validation and information extraction

cssfontparser parse shorthand css font strings"

dashdash A light, featureful and explicit option parsing library.

date.js dates for humans

dateable A date formatter and parser for node

dicer A very fast streaming multipart parser for node.js

esvalidate A CLI for JavaScript validation

filterhtml FilterHTML: A whitelisting HTML filter for Python and JavaScript

fl-optimist Forgotten Labors Initiative fork of

gbif-namefinder Node Library for interacting with GBIF's Name Finder API to detect scientific names in OCR.

jsonix Jsonix (JSON interfaces for XML) is a JavaScript library which allows converting between XML and JSON structures.

jsonlint-js extended linting of JSON-formatted text

JSONStream rawStream.pipe(JSONStream.parse()).pipe(streamOfObjects)

lexemic Tools for working with human language data.

linely Node.js line parser for text files

linksoup a javascript library that parses and exposes links found in string data

luaparse A Lua parser in JavaScript

marks Simple, fast & extensible markup parsing, traversing & rendering.

medium A small coffeescript module that uses Request and Cheerio to parse metadata from a URL.

mensch A decent CSS parser

mia A flexible documentation generator and source code parser.

mona-parser Composable parsers

name-parser Parses full names into small chunks, like first and last name.

native-dns-packet Raw DNS Packet Parsing and Writing

node-expat NodeJS binding for fast XML parsing.

node-expat-meteor Meteor binding for fast XML parsing.

node-expat-plist Property list parser using node-expat

node-iso8601 ISO8601 Support for parsing Durations and Intervals. Calculate the next interval date. Based on the ISO8601 Spec. A distributed data scraping and processing framework A distributed data scraping and processing framework for node.js

nor-ref Reference parsing library

optimist Light-weight option parsing with an argv hash. No optstrings attached.

pagemunch A node.js wrapper for the PageMunch web crawler API

parse-ls is a library for writing parsers in LiveScript.

parsec Powerful pattern matching for JavaScript

parsegh Parses url/git string and returns associated GitHub user and repository

parsimmon A monadic LL(infinity) parser combinator library

parsnip Digging up node.js's C HTTP parser for you to chew on.

pegex Acmeist PEG Parsing Framework

pessimist Light-weight fork of 'optimist' for option parsing.

pg-parse-float restore parseFloat behavior to node-postgres (pg) - can be used as a reference for implementing other type parsing addons

postcode UK Postcode helper methods

qparser A parsing library intended to parse complex user input

quick-csv Iterate a CSV file quickly using various filtering reader classes.

raptor-args A concise command line arguments parser with robust type handling

readint Localized written number parsing

recast JavaScript syntax tree transformer, conservative pretty-printer, and automatic source map generator

reltime A function to calculate relative time based on a simple date string notation. Intended to be lighter weight than the excellent moment.js.

sgf SGF parsing for Go games

stringrouter A restful URL parsing and routing component.

structured Simple interface for checking structure of JS code against a template, backed by Esprima.

subarg parse arguments with recursive contexts

svgutils Svg Utils for pasing SVGFile and manipulate Matrix object like Snap.svg

time-js date-agnostic time parsing for node and the browser

tztimejs Time-zone-aware Date replacement for JavaScript

unparse-js expressive, composable parser combinators

url-parser url parser that works uniformly on all javascript platforms

urlparse-template Template-based URL-parsing

xlrd-parser High performance Excel file parser based on the xlrd library from

xml-simple Simple XML Parsing based on xml2js

yargs Light-weight option parsing with an argv hash. No optstrings attached.

yparser BNF based parser implemented in coffee-script

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