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distinguishable Distinguishable random string generator

enver easily manage your accounts informations

function-enhancements Some javascript function enhacements. Arguments:pass, prepend, append. Timing: delay, periodical, debounce, throttle, once

grunt-passfail Run functions when your tasks complete or fail.

hashthepass Generate a hash for your passwords based on the site

nauth Simple file based usernames and passwords with password hashing.

passgen Password generator

passify A small utility to create a password and wrap bcrypt.

passkit Passbook passes with PassKit ( API made easy

password-generator Memorable password generator. For the command line, Node.js and the browser.

pwd Hash and compare passwords with pbkdf2

pwd-base64 Hash and compare passwords with pbkdf2 with hash in base64

splinter Split an object-mode stream into multiple streams by filtering the chunks.

tagr-json-to-html JSON to HTML elements with function passing IE9+

wormhole A streaming message queue system for Node.JS focused on performance.

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