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bal-util Common utility functions for Node.js used and maintained by Benjamin Lupton

globber Wrapper around node-glob with a friendly DSL

graph-paths Finding shortest / cheapest paths in a dense graph

gulp-assetpaths A Gulp plugin to change asset paths from one environment to another.

hum Hum, hum could run grunt inside a specified cwd and search tasks from the given paths.

kld-path-parser Event-driven SVG path data parser

matrix-paths Finds all paths in the 2D matrix

matrix-paths-zolmeister Finds all paths in the 2D matrix

paper The Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting

path-finder Named routes for Express.

path-manip Provides a small class for easy and natural handling of paths

pathdb Database built on levelup/leveldb that stores javascript objects as a series of paths and values.

property-path Get and set object properties by path where you can specify the separator.

qconf Painless configuration for Node with defaults file, environment variables, arguments, function parameters.

readr Flexible Node.js file reading library

require-tree require() whole directory trees

srcy Check project image paths for missing or redundant images

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