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2co-client A low-level HTTP client for the 2checkout API

authnet_cim CIM Interface.

be2bill node be2bill library

birdback Birdback api client

cyberplat Client for CyberPlat

dwolla Dwolla API for node.js

fire-stripe Fire stripe allows you to accept payments from a client side app through stripe. Fire-stripe is a tiny npm module that watches firebase for new tokens and then creates charges through stripe.

fortumo Unofficial bindings for Fortumo SMS Payment API

gmo Node.js client library for the GMO Payment Platform.

gumroad-onetime One time payment url handling middleware for gumroad payment gateway links

jquery.payment jQuery Payment

kaching A node module for express app to create and receive payments.

kaching-paypal Paypal strategy for kaching. Base on Paypal Rest SDK.

kk-payment-alipay kk-payment-alipay

kk-payment-apple One payment verification library for iOS in app purchase receipts.

kk-payment-coco Node.js verification library for coco in app purchase receipts.

kk-payment-kypay kk-payment-kypay

kk-payment-qihoo Node.js verification library for qihoo in app purchase receipts.

kk-payment-unicom Node.js verification library for unicom in app purchase receipts.

maksunappi A Node.js library for online payments in Finland.

mercadopago Mercadopago SDK module for Payments integration

mercadopago-ideame Mercadopago SDK module for Payments integration

mollie-api-node Official Mollie API client for Node (by Mollie B.V.)

mollie-reseller Client for the mollie reseller API

mongoose-stripe-customer A Mongoose plugin to handle and validate stripe customers and their subscription plans

mpower MPower Payments Node.JS Library

net-registry Process payments via NetRegistry API

node-moip Módulo de Integração com o Moip / Module Integration with Moip

node-payments node-payments is a express based facade to multiple payment services.

node-webpay WebPay API wrapper for Node. (

payeer API client

paymill-node Paymill API wrapper

paymill-wrapper PAYMILL REST API Javascrip wrapper. Work with Node, and is easily extendable for other platforms

paypal-ec An API wrapper for PayPal's Express Checkout.

paypal-ipn Package for verifying Paypal IPN messages

paypal-pay Minimalist 'send money to email' - using the Paypal API

paypaljsbuttons JavaScript integration for PayPal's payment buttons

pinjs Api client for - Australia's payment gateway

pricing-widget browser widget to accept payments by credit card

pxpay A node module for using the Payment Express PXPay 2.0 service for payment processing

pxpost A node module for using the Payment Express PXPost service for payment processing

qiwi Client for QIWI

safecharge node.js wrapper for Safecharge API

seneca-pay Seneca payment plugin

seneca-stripe-pay Stripe pay strategy for the Seneca payment plugin

seneca-worldpay Seneca worldpay plugin

spreedly-node A spreedly client library for Node.js

spreedly-node-new A spreedly client library for Node.js

substripe Extremely simple subscription payment form with Stripe in seconds.

webmoney Client for WebMoney

webpay WebPay node.js bindings

westpac-payway Process payments via Westpac PayWay API

yamoney Client for Yandex.Money

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