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kaching-paypal Paypal strategy for kaching. Base on Paypal Rest SDK.

minicart The Mini Cart is a great way to improve your PayPal shopping cart integration.

mollie-api-node Official Mollie API client for Node (by Mollie B.V.)

node-payments node-payments is a express based facade to multiple payment services.

passport-paypal PayPal (OpenID) authentication strategy for Passport.

passport-paypal-oauth PayPal (OAuth) authentication strategy for Passport.

passport-paypal-openidconnect PayPal (OpenIDConnect) authentication strategy for Passport.

paypal-adaptive Paypal Adaptive (Payments & Accounts) SDK in node.js

paypal-ec An API wrapper for PayPal's Express Checkout.

paypal-ipn Package for verifying Paypal IPN messages

paypal-masspayments-node Making payments with MassPayment NVP

paypal-nvp Paypal NVP client library

paypal-pay Minimalist 'send money to email' - using the Paypal API

paypal-recurring makes creating recurring payments with node.js a bit easier

paypal-rest-sdk SDK for PayPal REST APIs

paypaljsbuttons JavaScript integration for PayPal's payment buttons

seneca-pay Seneca payment plugin

seneca-stripe-pay Stripe pay strategy for the Seneca payment plugin

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