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nodefly Application Performance Monitoring Agent

nodeperf Node runtime performance analyser

noderelict Instrumentation for node

nodetime Performance Profiler and Monitor

nodetrace API-level DTrace Provider

opbeat A standalone (Node.js) client for Opbeat

perf-time Low impact date/time getters.

perf-timers High performance limited replacement for setTimeout().

perfcollector.js Simple performance measurement tool for javascript

perfcounter Performance counter with nesting

perfome CLI for running benchmarks

performance A short and quick way to assess performance on a server.

phanos Simple human like stress test tool. This tools doesn't provide any stat info, or special logging functionality. This tool just walking on yours site as true user.

pipeline-surveyor HTTP pipeline surveyor

poseidon Simplify Node Callback APIs with an optimized promise layer that doesnt compromise on performance.

poseidon-cassandra A future wrapper around the node-cassandra-cql driver using Poseidon

present High-res timestamps in Node and browser

Probes.js A simple Node.js module to get server performance statistics

profile_time A simple javascript profiler designed to work with node and express, especially helpful with cloud solutions like heroku.

profy Stress test your app and measure performance

promisable-bluebird The excelllent bluebird promise module, hacked to behave like Promisables

puncher Nested timstamps generator for your application

raf-component request animation frame

ravenwall Node.js library to integrate with the Ravenwall monitoring service.

redefine A lightweight utility for ES6 like classes and an easier ES5 aware object properties definition introducing new, performance oriented, patterns.

right-now Get the quickest, most high-resolution timestamp possible in node or the browser

runway Stupidly simple, performance-oriented router module for node.js apps.

scriptprobe Analyse third-party JavaScripts for performance and security before adding them to your website.

shimney-lodash Shimney package: lodash. A utility library delivering consistency, customization, performance, and extras.

simple-timer A simple timer/stopwatch implementation.

simplehar Har viewer made simple

slam Pure node benchmarker alternative to ab or siege

sofoque Sofoque (/sɔːˈfɔː.kɛ/) a profiler middleware tospot performance suffocating conditions in express/connect applications

speedtest Simple benchmark pour Nodejs

spof See what will happen when third-party resource goes down!

stats-api A module for collecting internal application/library performance statistics

statware Status aggregation suite with middle-ware like abilities. Used by the Ravenwall agent.

streamed-tcc-goodness TCC(Tiny C Compiler) bindings for node.js

strong-agent Application Performance Monitoring Agent

stylestats StyleStats is Node.js library to collect CSS statistics!

superstartup-closure-compiler Google Closure Compiler distributable

survey A tool for benchmarking in the surveying sense, not in a competitive sense.

task-closure-tools Google Closure Library Tools, Compiler, DepsWriter, Builder.

the-tramp Chaplin.js on Node.js. Use it for performance boosts, SEO, re-usability.

time-now Returns a timestamp using or

time-tree Timer utility for Node.js that gives you a contextual tree of where time is spent.

trace-component Client-side tracing for performance analysis

tracing-framework Web Tracing Framework instrumentation and analysis library.

unagi A collection of basic JavaScript utility functions intended for Node.js (V8). It is best optimized for performance with NO cross-browser compatibility checks.

unreadable An intelligent/CSS-aware HTML Minifier and Optimizer

upbeat Fast health and performance monitoring with process handling

vbench visual benchmarking with node-canvas

virtual-list Allows the developer to create massively long lists that perform extremely fast by loading just the part of the list showing up on the viewport, and by optimizing the amount of DOM operations and reflows.

webjs Simple and stable development for Node.js

webpagetest WebPageTest API wrapper for NodeJS

webperformance Simple Tool to test page performance with differents bandwith

yastopwatch Yet another stopwatch for performance tests.

yslow Commnad line version of YSlow web performance analysis tool from HAR files

yslow-data-rest-api REST API for storing YSlow performance data

yslowjs Wrapper for phantomjs yslow.js

yui-benchmark [![Build Status](](

yunofast super light benchmarking tool designed to leave in long running server code.

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