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authentication-plus Authentication for node.js

blackbox Put data in; take data out; same data across child processes or networks with dnode.

cachy-memory-persistent Flushable/loadable memory based storage for cachy caches

closet JSON persistent storage with methods chainability and callbacks for asynchronous use.

continuous-storage Store a continuous ndarray in a level.js/levelup database

dynomatic Make any object automagically persistent.

express-stickyforms Persistent form middleware for express.

fs-persistent-object Tiny Node library for persisting small runtime objects on filesystem

func-queue A simple function sequence & concurrent execute Queue.

functional-red-black-tree A fully persistent balanced binary search tree

generator-angular-scotty A Yeoman generator for AngularJS + Scotty

hamt Hash Array Mapped Trie

hashtrie Hash Trie

horten Experimental shared-state communication framework. Speaks Javascript, MySQL, OSC and WebSocket.

immutable-trie Basis for efficient persistent data structures

jonas Monad and Reactive Programming for JavaScript, leveraging Q promises

ki lisp + mori, sweet.js

level-store A streaming storage engine based on LevelDB.

level-stream Persist streams in leveldb.

mori Persistent Data Structures for JavaScript

neverdrop Module for creating persistent connections that support messaging. Built on top of the native tls module.

nomoque Database Centric Distributed Task Queue

passport-remember-me Remember Me cookie authentication strategy for Passport.

persistent-hash-trie Pure string:val storage, using structural sharing

persistent-task-status A node.js module, utilizing mongoose, that allows you to persist hierarchical task information for potentially long running, faulty tasks.

pfsm Persistent Finite State Machine

recurrent redis-backed recurrent job manager

redmess A redis pub/sub using lists to achieve persistence

schedule-drone Reliable, fault-tolerant, persistent event scheduler for node.js

sessions-plus Sessions for node.js

stay Persistent scuttlebutt instances for browser and node

swoosh A quick declarative way to use a mongodb backend.

syncstore Persistent Synchronous Key-Value Store for Node.js

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