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action-at-a-distance Use to drive CasperJS

anvil.phantom PhantomJS runner for anvil.js

api-chain A light and easy to use interface for creating fluent, chainable javascript APIs in Node.js or PhantomJs

autoauth OAuth credential helper (supports Twitter and Flickr).

bip-pod-phantomjs PhantomJS Pod for Bipio

browser-run Transform stream that executes JavaScript it receives in a real browser and outputs console output

canvassmith node-canvas engine for spritesmith

capture Captures Screenshots using Phantom.js

captureweb NodeJS module for capturing entire web with screenshots

carahue Declarative style diffing tool

casper-chai Extends Chai with assertions for CasperJS testing.

casperjs A navigation scripting & testing utility for PhantomJS and SlimerJS

class4js The class4js module is for class-driven development in JavaScript. It allows to emulate classes in JavaScript. Module is based on ECMAScript 5 standart and implements open/close principle: 'A module should be open for extension but closed for modifications'

clean-console Quickly loads remote url in phantomjs to check of JavaScript console errors

cleanyourstyles Checker for unused styles

clipcover Closure Library style test and coverage

closure-library-phantomjs Testing with PhantomJS for Google Closure Library.

clouseau-js Follows the execution of a page/an app by expecting messages (sent via `alert()`) by running it in PhantomJS.

conjure Parallel CasperJS runner, BDD flow, module-based tests, API helpers

console-crawler A simple web crawler that keeps to the domain

dalek-browser-phantomjs PhantomJS binding for DalekJS

dalek-browser-phantomjs-canary PhantomJS binding for DalekJS

desckit Custom desktop wallpaper generator with NodeJS and PhantomJS

dr-css-inliner PhantomJS script to inline above-the-fold CSS for a webpage.

eidolon A simple way to automate tasks in a headless browser

fantomo PhantomJS based bot

ghost-town Simple queued & clustered PhantomJS processing.

ghoul Ghoul is a tool to help with frontend testing with mocha

gmsmith GM engine for spritesmith

googlebot Express middleware that returns the resulting html after executing javascript, allowing crawlers to read on the page

grover PhantomJS wrapper for YUITest

grunt-blanket-mocha Headless Blanket.js code coverage and Mocha testing via PhantomJS

grunt-blanket-mocha-badoo Headless Blanket.js code coverage and Mocha testing via PhantomJS

grunt-contrib-jasmine Run jasmine specs headlessly through PhantomJS.

grunt-croc-qunit Run QUnit unit tests in a headless PhantomJS instance with code coverage support. Despite grunt-contrib-qunit it has no direct dependency on phantomjs module

grunt-devperf Helps front-end developers to maintain a good quality, based on phantomas and grunt-phantomas.

grunt-html-inspector Automated HTML Inspection with Grunt.

grunt-jasmine-coverage Grunt task for running Jasmine specs and generate test coverage

grunt-jasmine-legacy A Grunt task for running Jasmine v1.3 tests using RequireJS and PhantomJS

grunt-jasmine-runner Grunt task for running Jasmine specs

grunt-jstestdriver-phantomjs Grunt task for unit testing with jsTestDriver and PhantomJS.

grunt-mocha Grunt task for running client-side Mocha specs in PhantomJS

grunt-mocha-debug Easily run mocha tests on node.js/phantomjs

grunt-mocha-phantomjs Run client-side mocha tests using phantomjs

grunt-mocha-require-phantom Grunt plugin for testing requireJS code using mocha in phantomJS and regular browsers

grunt-mocha-screenshot grunt-mocha with screenshot added pending pull request

grunt-phantomas Grunt plugin for phantomas

grunt-phantomcss Plugin to do CSS regression testing via PhantomCSS.

grunt-photobox Plugin to prevent your project of broken layout via screenshot photo sessions of your site.

grunt-plugin-buster A GruntJS plugin that runs BusterJS tests

grunt-qunit-minimalist Minimalist phantomjs-based qunit test runner.

grunt-qunit-serverless A serverless version of the grunt-qunit task

grunt-screenshot-element Take a screenshot of a DOM element.

grunt-svg-to-png Grunt plugin to rasterize SVG to PNG images using PhantomJS. Fork of grunt-svg2png by dbushell.

grunt-svg2png Grunt plugin to rasterize SVG to PNG images using PhantomJS

grunt-tdd Run browser and Node JS tests on Buster, Mocha or Jasmine and get the reports in the browser

grunt-testflow UI Web testing with user flows

grunt-vector2raster Converts svg's to multiple sizes of whatever image fileformat Phantom.js supports. Ideal for creating all the (phonegap) App icons you need based on one svg.

grunt-webshot Render screenshots of webpages and local html

gulp-jasmine2-phantomjs Run Jasmine tests with PhantomJS

gulp-markdown-pdf Markdown to PDF

gulp-mocha-phantomjs run client-side Mocha tests with PhantomJS

gulp-phantom phantomjs plugin for gulp

html-pdf HTML to PDF converter that uses phantomjs

https-scan A https validation tool based on phantomjs. It can detect more dynamic loaded resources than static HTML analyze.

hydro-ghostd PhantomJS Ghost Driver launcher for hydro

icomoon-phantomjs IcoMoon driver written in PhantomJS

jasmine-runner-node Run Jasmine 2 specs using PhantomJS

jqasper jQasper is a jQuery proxy for CasperJS. It lets you write jQuery-style DOM manipulations in CasperJS.

jute Javascript Unit Test Environment

karma-phantomjs-launcher A Karma plugin. Launcher for PhantomJS.

karma-phantomjs-launcher-nonet Fork of karma-phantomjs-launcher - it never downloads phantomjs from the internet.

lasso-node JavaScript widget and page unit testing with on the fly instrumentation

launchpad You can launch browsers! From NodeJS! Local ones! Remote ones! Browserstack ones!

lixian-cli lixian xunlei cli on casperjs

massif Phantomjs fork

mean-seo SEO Solution for MEAN.JS applications which forwards crawlers requests to a compiled HTML copy using PhantomJS.

mimosa-testem-simple A simple testem integration Mimosa module

mocha-casperjs Write CasperJS tests using Mocha

mocha-phantom-coverage-reporter PhantomJS LCOV reporter for Mocha

mocha-phantomjs PhantomJS Runners for Mocha

mocha-server Serves up your mocha tests in web-pages so you can test them in browser.

mocha-testing-skeleton Simple testing skeleton for running mocha + expect.js unit tests in the browser.

mochify TDD for browserified code with Mocha, PhantomJS and WebDriver

mock-phantom-touch-events Helpers to trigger touch events on phantomjs.

nightmare A high level wrapper for Phantomjs

nightmare-swiftly A Nightmare plugin for

no-exif Remove Exif and GPS location data from JPEG images and create new files with the .noexif.jpg extension while preserving the original files and filenames.

node-amulet phantomjs wrapper for nodejs

node-ish PhantomJS shim.

node-why Zooomr koofers cotweet dropio plaxo plickers, sifteo heekya meebo plickers chegg

nodepdf Down and dirty PDF rendering in Node.js

noflo-automaton Automate navigation on the web based on Casper.js

optimist-phantomjs Optimist for phantomjs.

ouija Server software for proxying HTTP requests through PhantomJS. It'll make your automated requests look more human!

page-chauffeur A cross browser library for writing functional tests using webdriver

pagecapture Captures screenshots, html, or plain text of a web site using Phantom.js

pagediff Node based cli tool using PhantomJS to take screenshots of a webpage and compare it to a previous version

phantalyzer A PhantomJS script for running Wappalyzer over many sites using a headless Webkit browser

phantom-cluster Provides a cluster of workers for phantomjs processing

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