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e164 lookup country name given international phone number e164 format.

express-device Browser detection library, built on top of express

gestures Normalises gestures into a named list

getprove Prove API wrapper

holla An abstraction over P2P video/voice/data connections using WebRTC

konami-js Multiple input support for konami code (Keyboard and Touch)

konami-touch Touch support for konami code

libphonenumber Google's phone number handling library ported to node.js

mobile-detect Device detection (phone, tablet, desktop, mobile grade, os, versions)

mobile-usage Analyze HTTP access logs and visualize statistics w/ focus on mobile usage

node-dtmfin DTMF tone detection with node via portaudio and libdtmf

node-phonenumber Google's phone number handling library ported to Node

phone With a given country and phone number, validate and format the phone number to E.164 standard

phone-numbers Library for finding phone numbers, especially in obfuscated formats

phone-parser Parse the phone input into an output format of your choice. Good for formatting a user input.

phone-sensor turn your phone into a sensor for great justice.

phony-node Telephony framework for FreeSWITCH

pjparsnip snip snip

pushd Blazing fast multi-protocol mobile push notification service Ultra Fast auto-reconnecting real-time apps for mobile and slow internet connections

ringcaptcha Node.js wrapper for the RingCaptcha API

sms-address Get the email address to send SMS messages to based on number and carrier.

tel-carrier Lookup the carrier and sms / mms gateway email addresses for a given phone number

tel-carrier-gateways Lookup the carrier and sms / mms gateway email addresses for a given company name or comment

telcom Abstraction layer between Twilio and Plivo.

telenode A multi-vendor library for cellular network services

twilio-numbers Bulk phone number management for Twilio applications

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