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ares-ide A browser-based code editor and UI designer for Enyo 2 projects

audio-recorder-phonegap Phonegap audio recorder plugin.

bomobile a small mvc framework for authoring mobile apps with native-like performance. full unit test coverage.

c3d2 Droid factory - bootstrap a HTML5 android application quickly using a phonegap template

caniusejs Check current enabled APIs on platforms. Such as WAC, Phonegap.

charlotte A framework for building mobile web apps using Express and PhoneGap

connect-phonegap Connect middleware to serve a PhoneGap app.

cordova-plugin-preferences Preferences plugin for Cordova

cordova-plugins List/download available Phonegap plugins from and

derbygap A tool to help setup a phonegap project with DerbyJS.

fastgap Faster PhoneGap Template

flurry-phonegap-plugin Phonegap plugin for Flurry mobile analytics

gapify Command-line tool to compile Express apps into PhoneGap apps

gapserver a server for building out phonegap apps

gbe Gamebook Engine is a command line utility to create tablet ebooks where the reader can change the story based on its actions and choices

generator-angular-phonegap [DEPRECATED] Use instead

generator-angular-phonegap-seed A Yeoman generator for getting started with PhoneGap and AngularJS.

generator-cordova-plugin A generator for Yeoman

generator-laph A generator for webapps that uses Lungo + Angular and is meant to be built for Phonegap

generator-mbp Scaffold out a mobile phonegap app

generator-phonegap PhoneGap project generator

grunt-cordovacli Wraps a web application as a hybrid app with Apache Cordova CLI 3.x

grunt-init-phonegap A grunt-init template that simplifies the process of setting up a PhoneGap mobile application development environment. It sets up creation of the application and PhoneGap/Cordova plugins managment using PhoneGrunt, and sets up the development environment

grunt-mocha-appium Run functional Mocha tests with wd and Appium.

grunt-phonegap Local build tasks for Phonegap applications

grunt-phonegap-build Build phonegap app via

grunt-phonegap-build-tom Build phonegap app via

grunt-phonegapsplash Create splashscreen from a PNG.

grunt-ripple-emulator Grunt task for the ripple emulator for Cordova/PhoneGap projects.

grunt-svg2storeicons Create store icons from a SVG.

ionic A tool for creating and building Ionic Framework mobile apps.

js-debuggy Remote interactive javascript debug console based on node.js and

jshybugger Debugging HTML, CSS and JavaScript on Android.

leveldown-gap A Node.js and browserify leveldown API implementation that maps to localstorage in phonegap and browser API

makingmobile MakingMobile framework

matryoshka Matryoshka is a package for Cordova/PhoneGap 3.0 and above that lets you do live, on-device updating of the app's code.

meteor-to-phonegap A simple script to export a working Meteor app to PhoneGap

minigap Client-side javascript framework for PhoneGap

mixdown-publish Grunt task to export a mixdown project to PhoneGap, static site, or other.

packmeteor Package the Meteor js client into a Chrome Packaged App or Cordova/PhoneGap

pdparse Phonegap(Cordova) documents parse to json.

pdparser Phonegap(Cordova) documents parse to json.

pgb-fix-icon Fixes the Android-icon-too-small-on-XHDPI-devices bug in PhoneGap Build

pgbuild A tool and library to automate PhoneGap Builds (

phonegap PhoneGap command-line interface and node.js library.

phonegap-build PhoneGap Build node library.

phonegap-build-api REST Client for the PhoneGap Build API

phonegap-soundwave Connect middleware to stream a PhoneGap app.

phonegrunt A grunt plugin for automating PhoneGap application development tasks.

phonetap PhoneTap: a tapped version of PhoneGap, to do tests without running a simulator

reputil Hack to quickly make apps using a single coffeescript source

ripple-emulator A browser based html5 mobile application development and testing tool

rjscli for remote logging from Phonegap Applications to your CLI

scricon Generates Icons or Screen Images for Phonegap Build, from an existing image.

steroids AppGyver Steroids command line interface

titan-cli Command Line Interface for TitanJS Scaffolding

typedphonegap TypeScript layer for PhoneGap / Apache Cordova 3.4.0

web2splash A PhoneGap splash screen generator using an HTML document as a template.

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