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box-2d-web Mirror of the box2djs javascript engine

box2d-events Easier event listening for Box2D collisions

box2d-html5 A 2D Physics Engine for HTML5 Games

box2d-player A small module that handles creating a player that can jump with Box2dweb

box2dweb 2D physics engine

cannon A lightweight 3D physics engine written in JavaScript. Perfect to use with three.js, for example.

chipmunk Chipmunk 2d physics engine, in Javascript

conjugate-gradient Conjugate gradient solver

continuous-box2d Generate a bunch of box2d bodies to match a grid backed by ndarray-continuous

cubic-hermite Cubic hermite interpolation

delta-ticker Simple delta time ticker

fieldkit Basic building blocks for computational design projects. Written in CoffeeScript for browser and server environments.

generator-phaser-official Yeoman Generator for the Phaser Game framework. Includes state and prefab generators

maga mAKE a gaME is a node.js framework for multiplayer games

ngraph.physics.primitives Physics primitives for ngraph.* libraries

p2 A JavaScript 2D physics engine.

pde-engine Basic heat and wave equation solver for node and the browser

phys Physics Library designed for Javascript

physics JavaScript Physics Engine for node.js and browsers

physics-vector2d physics vector2d lib

primo-rigidbody Rudimentary 2D physics component for PrimoJS

reality Simulation runner for using physics simulations in user interfaces

rle-core Core tools for working with narrow band level sets in JavaScript

spectrum-calculator calculate and draw optical spectrum

topdown-physics Basic, grid-based, 2D top-down player physics for continuous ndarrays

toxiclibsjs toxiclibsjs is an open-source library for computational design tasks with JavaScript.

toxiclibsjs-examples The website for toxiclibs.js

upon varied reference frame

vector2d 2D Vector library offering Float32Array, Object or standard Array based vectors.

voxel-physical create objects that have aabbs and respond to accel and vel updates

voxel-player create a skinnable player with physics enabled

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