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adafruit-i2c-lcd Node Library for using adafruit i2c rgb lcd pi plate

adafruit-i2c-pwm-driver node.js /i2c control for the Adafruit PWM servo driver

adc-pi-gpio Using an ADC with a Pi

adc-pi-spi Using an ADC (MCP3008) with a Pi over spi

astropi astrolin ux distro for the raspberry pi

bmp085-sensor A module to interface a BMP085 temperature and pressure sensor to the raspberry pi.

coder a sdk of google coder's API

ds18b20 Get temperature from the DS18B20 sensor connected to RPI

ds18x20 A node.JS implementation for using the DS1820, DS18S20 and/or DS18B20 temperature sensor with Raspberry Pi.

easyrobot Easy to learn and use Node.js based and Rosbridge Suite compatible Robot API.

fastgpio a nodejs gpio library for the raspberry pi using the fastest way to export values

firmata-pi A firmata implementation for the raspberry pi's gpio

gpio Talk to your Raspberry PI's general purpose inputs and outputs

gpiojs Raspberry Pi GPIO module for node.js


lcd Hitachi HD44780 LCD driver

led LED control on Linux boards

leddriver a node.js library to control a SPI led driver (p.e adafruit leddriver) with your Raspberry Pi

lpd8806 LPD8806 Node library for the Raspberry Pi

morse-flasher A utility to flash an LED on the rPi, transmitting typed morse code

nitrogen Nitrogen is a platform for building connected devices. Nitrogen provides the authentication, authorization, and real time message passing framework so that you can focus on your device and application. All with a consistent development platform that lev

node-red A visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things

nodesapiens WiringPi based Interface to Robosapiens on Raspberry Pi

omxcontrol Nodejs module to control omxplayer. Specifically written for the raspberry pi

omxdirector Provide a nodejs interface for omxplayer (Raspberry Pi player). Support multiple file and loop.

onoff GPIO access and interrupt detection on the BeagleBone or Raspberry Pi

pi-gpio-wrapper Pin class wrapper around pi-gpio with events and promises.

pi-led-flasher A package to flash an LED on the rPi

pi-sht1x Raspberry Pi library for SHT1x humidity/temperature sensors.

picam Simple wrapper for raspistill

r-pi-gpio A Node.js API for GPIO on Raspberry Pi.

r-pi-usonic A Node.js API for the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor on Raspberry Pi.

raspi-weather-webservice-api weather as a json service

raspi-weather-webservice-static static files as a service

raspirobot SparkFun's RaspiRobot control for Node.js

raspivid node.js read stream for h.264 data from the raspberry PI camera module

rounderdb A low-I/O, fixed size, round robin db with in-mem support. Store in RAM and sync periodically to disk.

rpi Raspberry Pi GPIO communication on top of WiringPi

rpi-tool RaspberryPi tool

rpi-ws2801 A node.js library to control a WS2801 RGB LED stripe via SPI with your Raspberry Pi

rpio Raspberry Pi GPIO library with fast mmap() access

simplespi a simple and easy to use SPI interface for node.js (for raspberry pi etc)

th-scan-hub-rpi TicketingHub Raspberry Pi ScanHub Client

thermopi nano-server for temperature readings on a raspberry pi

timfpark-gpio Talk to your Raspberry PI's general purpose inputs and outputs

vc0706 Rough VC0706 Camera library for Raspberry Pi

web-media-player Simple media player controlled by a web interface. Designed for Raspberry Pi.

wiring-pi Bindings to wiringPi

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