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4chan 4chan picture downloader

ardrone-panorama Automated 360° Panorama with ARDrone 2.0. Awesome S3 backed picture backup and browser

dhash Compute difference hash of image

gif A C++ module for node-js that converts RGB and RGBA buffers to a GIF images (in memory).

gravaface Download profile pic from Gravatar to ~/.face

grunt-image-profile A Grunt task for working with image metadata profiles via ImageMagick

gulp-image-optimization Minify PNG, JPEG and GIF images. this is based on with stream-limit implementation

gulp-imagemin Minify PNG, JPEG and GIF images

gulp-tinypng gulp plugin to compress png images using tinypng api

gulp-webp Convert images to WebP

image This is a node.js module that unifies node-png, node-gif and node-jpeg modules.

image-autosave-proxy local proxy for autosave image when navigate using browser

isbn-cover get a book cover image from isbn

jpeg A C++ module for node-js that converts RGB and RGBA buffers to a JPEG images (in memory).

microbox The very tiny lightbox

mongoose-thumbnail Mongoose plugin adding a thumbnail field to a schema - useful for expressjs image file uploads

n-gallery A nodejs web image viewer/gallery using local image directory

node-image A Node.JS wrapper around FreeImage

partial.js web application framework (MVC) for node.js

png A C++ module for node-js that converts an RGB and RGBA buffers to PNG images (in memory).

png-sync Same as node-png except it's sync and compiles on windows with node 0.6

shoot Take pictures on mobile phones or just pick one on a desktop.

snapshot.js Take a snapshot of a URL

thumbnail Small utility to easily and efficiently create thumbnails using GraphicsMagick.

total.js web framework (MVC) for node.js

twitter-pic Post pictures on twitter easily

typo-image Typo-image is an ANSI image plugin for typo - draw images into command-line (CLI)!

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