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arpulate A utility that populates the system ARP table by pinging a range of surrounding IP addresses.

arrowbreaker-sup An Express.js application that pings your urls and warns you about HTTP status code changes by email

beepbeep Make a console beep noise in Node.js

cinovo-redis-pingpong Sends PING commands to Redis using redis to check if the connection is alive by receiving a PONG within a certain timespan

connect-health-check Tiny connect middleware for health check pings

connectivity Detect if the network is up (do we have connectivity?)

eping ping event emitter

express-ping Express middleware. Exposes a common API to inform about its internal status and health.

express-ping-middleware Robust, high-quality ping middleware for express

heroku-ping Keep Heroku apps alive

http-monitor Monitor an http application, and invoke if the server status changes. Both a module and a commandline tool.

irc-connect Minimal IRC connection that simply emits event objects. Plugin modules can do the rest.

jjg-ping A simple ping wrapper for Node.js which returns the latency and result of a ping to a given address.

junction-ping XMPP Ping middleware for Junction.

keeping A tool for measuring round-trip time of http requests under a Keep-Alived connection.

listen-spawn Start a HTTP server which runs commands when pinged.

mc-ping Pings a Minecraft server for its MOTD and other data

monitly Client-side wrapper for accessing the API.

net-ping Ping and trace route to many hosts at once.

netty net tools for node.js

node-baidu-ping ping to

npm-probe Probe npm registries for statistics

passport-ping PingFederate authentication strategy for Passport

pin Is my site up? Node.js edition.

ping-wrapper2 Native wrapper for ping

pingable Ping a stream once in while. If it times out destroy it

pinger Dead simple asynchronous ping

pingme Super simple HTTP server that can be easily pinged so that Nagios et al can know your stuff's healthy.

qping A simple ping wrapper using a promise libary (Q).

throb A lightweight heartbeat and ping server

webpinger A simple network latency checker

xmpp-ftw-ping XMPP Ping (XEP-0199) plugin for XMPP-FTW

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