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acetic an asset (pre-)compilation engine for node.js and express

asset-loader Express.js view helper for including style or script tags! Has an easy syntax and supports 'bundle aliases' for grouping files together.

assetflow Asset deployment for node

assets-packager Very fast assets pipeline - combines power of async, uglify-js, clean-css, enhance-css and couple other tools to make your assets production-ready

assets-pipeline Assets pipeline for node.js

ast-pipeline Seamlessly pipe between text transform streams and AST transforms

basic-pipeline A basic pipeline module for node

buildline scriptable asset builder/pipeline for node compatablie with grunt

cable Cable is a fast and simple binary request/response protocol stream for Node.js

concatenify Helps browserify concatenate a tree of files

conduitjs Give any method a pre/post invocation pipeline....

connect-static-transform A connect middleware which allows transformation of static files before serving them.

contentjs Game content pipeline for Node.js

convoy Pluggable, package-aware asset pipeline for node

css-pipeline roots extension for handling css production builds

cut Aspect-oriented (AOP) helper for sync or async code

datacompiler Data Compiler helper module for content.js

deku Templating library focused on pipeline processing.

fpipe A module for grafting a function pipe (middleware) over other functions in nodejs.

functional-pipeline Quickly chain method calls, property access and functions in natural left to right expression

grand-central-pipeline A javascript asset pipeline for Node

hooked A simple javascript/node.js base type supporting before and after hooks over functions.

js-pipeline roots extension for handling js production builds

lazypipe Use to create an immutable, lazily initialized pipeline from a series of streams.

mincer-cssurl css url fixer for Mincer

mincer-hbs Handlebars JST engine for Mincer

mincer-jsx JSX engine for Mincer

mincer-ruby-sass Ruby Sass engine for Mincer

mixdown-less Mixdown plugin for LESS CSS. Generates a pipeline that builds LESS and CSS.

mixdown-pipelines General use pipelines for mixdown.

mixdown-plugins General use plugins for mixdown.

mojito-pipeline A pipelining processor to render asynchronous page models in mojito

node-make-asset-pipeline An asset pipeline which retrieves assets depending on makefile commands when a watched modules has been updated

node-pipeline Simple module to performing asynchronous inter-dependent series operations in node. Unlike other more complicated approaches, this is pure javascript and very small (~100 lines of code with comments).

object-transform-stream A collection a streams for working with objects and transforming them.

pipedream-js A function composition pipeline

pipedrive Pipedrive REST client for NodeJS

pipeline-surveyor HTTP pipeline surveyor

pipeline.js Pipeline.js - async workflow framework for node.js

pipeline.sjs Naturally expressive functional composition

pipes-and-filters Pipes and Filters for Node.js to divide a larger processing task into a sequence of smaller, independent processing steps (Filters) that are connected by channels (Pipes).

pipeworks Modularize functionality into execution pipelines. Create pipes. Fit 'em together. Start the flow!

plumber A tool for managing web asset pipelines

plumber-all Pipeline grouping operation for Plumber pipelines

plumber-bower Operation to source files from Bower components for Plumber pipelines

plumber-cli The plumber command line interface

plumber-coffee CoffeeScript operation for Plumber pipelines

plumber-concat Concatenation operation for Plumber pipelines

plumber-filter Filter operation for Plumber pipelines

plumber-glob File globbing operation for Plumber pipelines

plumber-hash Filename hashing operation for Plumber pipelines

plumber-jshint JSHint operation for Plumber pipelines

plumber-less LESS operation for Plumber pipelines

plumber-livereload Live reload operation for Plumber pipelines

plumber-lodash Lodash generator operation for Plumber pipelines

plumber-mincss CSS minimisation operation for Plumber pipelines

plumber-rename Filename renaming operation for Plumber pipelines

plumber-requirejs RequireJS (r.js) operation for Plumber pipelines

plumber-s3 AWS S3 operations for Plumber pipelines

plumber-uglifyjs UglifyJS operation for Plumber pipelines

plumber-util-test Testing utilities for Plumber operations

plumber-write Write to file operation for Plumber pipelines

seq Chainable asynchronous flow control with sequential and parallel primitives and pipeline-style error handling

simple-pipeline Simple-Pipeline is a node module for defining and executing a simple sequential workflow while maintaining and passing a context along from operation to operation.

strategy.js Targets an existing method and allows you to create a pipeline of 'strategies' that are executed prior to the target.

stream-pipeline Efficient way of connecting disparate streams

stream-splice Splice multiple streams into a single pipeline. Useful for exposing multi-step piped streams as a single stream.

tamarack Micro framework for working with the chain of responsibility pattern. Port of the Tamarack .NET library.

task-pipeline A node-task for running node-task pipelines.

urequire Convert AMD & commonjs modules to UMD, AMD, commonjs or `combined.js` (rjs & almond) & run/test on nodejs, Web/AMD or Web/Script. Manipulate & inject module code & dependencies while building & more

velociraptor Asset management tool for Node.js

voila best asset manager one can get in nodejs

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