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ada client

device Browser detection library based on express-device, but without the express part

dias Detect PaaS details of your application instance

environ Cross-platform environment detection library for JavaScript

firstclass The FirstClass JavaScript Platform.

git-node-platform A js-git platform implementation for node.js

hound Cross platform directory tree watcher, focussed on reliability, speed, and simplicity.

js-git-node-platform Platform for js-git to run on node.js

kevoree-core Kevoree Core

kevoree-node-javascript A Kevoree platform to run Javascript code

king A powerful server infrastructure management platform - "The King of your Nodes"

levitate Levitate is an exploit development platform

links Experimental content sharing and collaboration platform.

loopback LoopBack: Open Mobile Platform for Node.js

narwhal A general purpose JavaScript library

narwhal-lib A general purpose JavaScript library

panzer A comprehensive node-tree solution, for smart data.

Panzer A comprehensive node-tree solution, for smart data.

path-platform Provide access to win32 and posix path operations

platform A platform detection library that works on nearly all JavaScript platforms.

prototypal prototypal inheritance done right

radial a polyglot "api first" services platform

radial-js node.js radial framework implementation AR.Drone as a Ribbons platform.

ribbons.platforms.arduino Arduino as a Ribbons platform. Lego Mindstorms NXT as a Ribbons platform.

ribbons.platforms.twitter.api Twitter API as a Ribbons platform.

rig A barepipe platform for node webapps

roq Web application development platform and CMS.

smartcore nodejs-based smart platform

stackato-assist A utility library for easy assistance in getting your node app running on Stackato.

tal-config TV Configuration for TAL.

vern-authentication Community Edition. Basic username/password authentication for vern. Also provides a basic user model and extends the BaseController and BaseModel for utilization

vern-authentication-linkedin Username/password authentication for using Linked-In with Vern.

vern-core Community version. VERN is the virtual elastic resource node. The new method for creating applications. Built on a Mongo/Restify/AngularJS/LESS Stack.

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