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alert Play Sound Alerts

continuous-observer Automatically add and remove chunks from continuous ndarrays as required. a tiny and smart cli player of based on Node.js

editor-timeline timeline for multimedia editors

imaginary-player pseudo-streaming/broadcasting media player

iplay remote airplay player for AppleTV

ipod command line interface mp3 player based on Node.js is the cli version of cool web radio

jingfm-cli jingfm player in command line

jingfm-hubot jingfm player for hubot

libspotify Node bindings to the libspotify C library

media HTML5 Media Player

milk-player Music I Love oK

mp3-player-demo Music Player Demo. It all started because my LXDE distro didn't have mp3 support, and I didn't want to install an rpm for it when I could do it with node :P

mpd music player daemon client

music163-cli music 163 client in command line

music163-client music 163 client

netease-player A command line music player tailored for Netease Music.

nplay A terminal MP3 player for all platforms - frontend for mplayer / afplay

pi-mediaplayer A media player for Raspberry Pi.

play-audio HTML5 Audio Player

player command line interface mp3 player based on Node.js

playerdat load player.dat into an inventory

react-swf Shockwave Flash Player component for React

simple-mplayer Simple mplayer wrapper for node

soundbank-sample Sample player AudioNode source extended with automatable transpose, tuning and amp.

soundcloud-stream Stream Soundcloud URLs

soundify stream tracks to devices from multiple sources

tio console player

tomahawkjs Implementation of the JS plugins API from Tomahawk for NodeJS

tomahk Node.JS binding to interact with

tuner play a roster of internet radio stations

versal-player-api Player interface for versal gadgets

video.js An HTML5 and Flash video player with a common API and skin for both.

videojs-swf The Flash-fallback video player for video.js (

voxel-player create a skinnable player with physics enabled

youtubemanager YouTube player which mimics SoundManager2 Sound object

youtubemanager2 YouTube player which mimics SoundManager2 Sound object

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