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addon Make your app modular.

ambiance-command-manager Command manager for ambiance editor

ambiance-plugin-manager plugin manager for ambiance editor

americano-cozy Americano helpers to build Cozy applications faster

angular-extender Extend AngularJS applications by injecting module dependencies at build time

angular-primus AngularJS service for Primus in Node.js

angular-translate-extractor An extractor for all the translation keys for angular-translate project

anvil.backbonejs Provides scaffolding for backbone.js apps.

anvil.cdnjs Install packages from cdnjs.

architect-eventbus Event bus for architect

ardrone-browser-3d 3D display of the AR.Drone in a browser.

assemble-anchor Assemble plugin for creating anchor tags from generated html.

assemble-contrib-anchors Assemble plugin for creating anchor tags from headings in generated html using Cheerio.js.

assemble-contrib-markdown Convert markdown files to HTML, this is an alternative to the markdown Handlebars helpers. Both are useful in different scenarios.

assemble-goldcome-functions Assemble的功能函数集合.

assemble-goldcome-highlight Assemble的markdown语法高亮插件,用到highlight.js,生成html使用Cheerio.js.

assemble-goldcome-toc Assemble目录自动生成插件,生成html使用Cheerio.js.

assemble-partial-data Plugin for Assemble which collects data from partials and groups it by key. Each value in the data hash has a list of associated partials.

assemble-plugin-functions Assemble的功能函数集合.

assemble-plugin-highlight Assemble的markdown语法高亮插件,用到highlight.js,生成html使用Cheerio.js.

assemble-plugin-toc Assemble目录自动生成插件,生成html使用Cheerio.js.

assetsmanager-brunch Adds multiple assets folders support to brunch.

backbone-bites A collection of handy micro-extensions to the built-in Backbone classes

backbone-clickdebounce Debounce multiple clicks for Backbone.Views

backbone-crossdomain An extension for Backbone.js with a Sync that adds support for IE 7-9 CORS requests using IE's XDomainRequest Object while maintaining compatibility with non-IE systems.

backbone-define ExtJS style class definition for name aware Classes

backbone-filtered-collection Create a filtered version of a backbone collection that stays in sync.

backbone-grease Slicker chaining for Backbone's collection Underscore methods.

backbone.babysitter Manage child views in a Backbone.View

Backbone.Chosen One Collection different models, mapped easy via configuration

backbone.composite The plugin helps you create compositions from nested views.

backbone.containerview A fast and efficient subview manager and renderer.

backbone.databinding The plugin implements a two-way data binding between views and models/collections. Backbone plugin to make model actions doable

backbone.epoxy Elegant data binding for Backbone.js

backbone.marionette Make your Backbone.js apps dance!

Backbone.Marionette.Handlebars Spice up your Backbone.Marionette application with some Handlebars flavour

Backbone.Mutators Backbone plugin to override getters and setters with logic

backbone.obscura A read-only proxy of a Backbone.Collection that can easily be filtered, sorted, and paginated.

backbone.relations The plugin is for defining relations between models.

Backbone.Rpc Plugin for using backbone js with json-rpc instead of the native REST implementation

backbone.schema The plugin helps you define schemas for your models. It supports a regular types, arrays, nested or reference models/collections, allows to define a custom data types and computable properties.

backbone.subroute Backbone.subroute extends the functionality of Backbone.router such that each of an application's modules can define its own module-specific routes.

backbone.validator Validation plugin for Backbone allowing for setting of default values

backbone.wreqr A Simple Service Bus For Backbone and Backbone.Marionette

basic-auth-mongoose Mongoose plugin for password-based user authentication.

bassmaster Batch processing plugin for hapi

baucis-patch A plugin for baucis that adds PATCH as an alias to PUT.

baucis-swagger Generate customizable swagger definitions for your Baucis REST API.

bigpipe-content Server side bigpipe plugin to deliver static content as fast as possible.

bigpipe-layout Supply default layout to Bigpipe pages.

bigpipe-watch Server side bigpipe plugin to watch file changes during development.

blockquote Add block quotes to your posts

brauhaus-beerxml A BeerXML import and export plugin for Brauhaus.js

brauhaus-diff A recipe difference plugin for Brauhaus.js

brauhaus-styles A BJCP style catalog plugin for Brauhaus.js

brfs browserify fs.readFileSync() static asset inliner

broccoli-load-plugins Automatically load any broccoli plugins in your package.json

browserify-data browserify transform to compile data files.

browserify-jade browserify v2 plugin for jade with sourcemaps support

browserify-livescript browserify v2 plugin for livescript

browserify-plain-jade browserify transform to compile Jade templates to HTML, leaving the parser behind.

brpkg inlines required package.json

bswagger Generate customizable swagger definitions for your Baucis REST API.

builder-browser Build chain for client-side MVC views. Render, convert to DOM elements, and bind jQuery plugins in one fell swoop.

builder-coffee CoffeeScript plugin for builder.js

builder-string HTML template plugin for component-build

bundle.system OSGi style bundle system

c9ext Extension generator for Cloud9 IDE

cabrel-crumb Fork of -- CSRF crumb generation plugin

cabrel-hapi-json Adds malformed JSON to JSON responses

caching-coffeeify A coffeeify version that caches previously compiled coffee-script to optimize the coffee-script compilation step.

chai-adhoc Instantly extend Chai.js and define custom assertions! We provide a simpler API to work with.

chai-interface chai assertions about an object's interface

cloudstats AWS cloudwatch metrics plugin for hapi

cocoify browserify v2 plugin for coco with support for mixed .js and .co files

codemirror-activine Active line highlighter addon for codemirror

codemirror-ambiance-plugin Codemirror plugin for ambiance editor

codemirror-hashare Hash based sharing plugin for codemirror

coffee-sprites CoffeeScript/JavaScript stylesheet-based sprite image engine.

coffeeify browserify v2 plugin for coffee-script with support for mixed .js and .coffee files

coffeeify-redux browserify v2 plugin to compile coffee-script automatically using the coffee-script-redux compiler

component-autoboot plugin for component-builder that makes output file self contained

component-build-handlebars A component (v1+) builder plugin for Handlebars template precompilation

component-builder-less A component (v1+) builder plugin for LESS -> CSS conversion

component-jade A plugin to transpile Jade files for the component builder.

component-jade2 A plugin to transpile Jade files for component/component builder2.

component-livescript LiveScript plugin for Component(1)

component-outdated A component command plugin to list outdated dependencies.

component-sass Sass plugin for component-build

component-score A component command plugin to verify quality of the components

component-set add dependencies to component.json

component-size A component command to list the sizes of all your component's dependencies.

component-string Component plugin to transform files into require-able strings

component-typeface A component command to create a typeface component package via prompts from the command line.

component-typefamily A component command to create a typefamily component package via prompts from the command line.

component-update A component command plugin to update out of date dependencies.

component-whitespace css-whitespace plugin for Component

concoct-mustache A mustache.js plugin for ConcoctJS.

confidence Configuration API

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