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connect-jade Jade template render helper for connect

cordova-plugin-preferences Preferences plugin for Cordova

cortex-profile Cortex profile manager.

crumb CSRF crumb generation and validation plugin

csvtojson A tool concentrating on converting csv data to JSON with customised parser supporting

csxs A build tool for Adobe® Creative Suite® and Creative Cloud® extensions. Create, compile, debug, package, and deploy to S3 with ease!

cucumber-eavesdropper-plugin A cucumber listener that eavesdrops on the event stack

cucumber-wd-plugin A cucumber listener with wd bindings

data-binding-plugin One of the most powerful two way data-binding tool with virtualization. Highly optimized for performance and memory

db-drizzle Drizzle database bindings for Node.JS

db-mysql MySQL database bindings for Node.JS

db-nuodb NuoDB database bindings for Node.JS

db-oracle Oracle database bindings for Node.JS

db-sqlite DEPRICATED, USE:

deadbox Anonymous dead drop plugin for Hapi.js

debug-wall Debug plugin for wall

docpad-plugin-cachr Caches remote resources locally

docpad-plugin-feedr Adds support for reading feeds to DocPad

docpad-plugin-geturl Adds getUrl function for retreiving absolute path

docpad-plugin-gist Allows you to easily embed GitHub Gists into your DocPad documents

docpad-plugin-link Take the document's`id` and generate the corresponding html link

docpad-plugin-proxy Proxy specific routes of our DocPad server to different locations

dovetail Make your application pluggable!

drifter-rsyslog rsyslog plugin for drifter

dustjs-linkedin-brunch Adds Dustjs (LinkedIn fork) support to brunch. Simple reconnect wrapper for Read Connect sessions in

ep_infopanel Displays an info section in pad settings exposing the software used and the current git revision.

ep_new_pad Etherpad lite plugin to crate a REALLY new pad (database check). Call to use it.

ep_push2delete Displays a button that will allow anyone to fully delete the pad they're viewing.

es6ify browserify v2 transform to compile (ES6) to JavaScript.current (ES5) on the fly.

express-cocaine-service Cocained service middleware wrapper for express

express-custom-errors Serves custom error views for Expressjs.

express-redirect Flexible redirection plugin

extensible Create highly extensible software components.

externr Provide a plug-in mechanism for your objects, exposing their inmost secrets

fis-parser-react a parser plugin for fis to precompile react

fis-postpackager-min fis postpackager plugin for min

flatiron-cli-ok Encapsulated logic for showing ok in flatiron CLI apps

flatiron-cli-version Encapsulated command for version in flatiron CLI apps

foundry Release manager for npm, bower, component, PyPI, git tags, and any plugin you can write

fs-ambiance-plugin Filesystem plugin for ambiance editor

furball Plugin utilities and endpoints

gcli-ambiance-plugin GCLI plugin for ambiance editor

generator-gruntplugin A Grunt plugin generator for Yeoman

generator-gulp-plugin-boilerplate Scaffold out a gulp plugin boilerplate

generator-naymspace-wp-plugin A Yeoman generator for non-bloated, easily maintainable wordpress plugins

generator-plugin Yeoman generator for Assemble plugins

gh-boilerplate NodeGH plugin for demonstrating how to create NodeGH plugins

gh-gif NodeGH plugin for commenting on pull requests/issues using GIF reactions

gh-jira NodeGH plugin for integrating Jira, an issue management system

gh-travis NodeGH plugin for integrating Travis, a continous integration server.

ghost-app Build your own app on top of Ghost

glenlivet-api Create APIs powered by Glenlivet.

glenlivet-fetch Insert the results of HTTP requests into Glenlivet processing workflows.

glenlivet-htmltojson A Glenlivet plugin that transforms HTML into JSON declaratively.

good Server and process monitoring plugin

goose-plugins various plugins for mongoose

grunt-apidoc Grunt task to generate a RESTful API Documentation with apidoc

grunt-chatwork Grunt plugin for ChatWork

grunt-cmd-normalize Normalize JavaScript file to cmd module

grunt-codename Utility to include a codename for your application based on version.

grunt-cordova-jasmine Automate Jasmine test suite execution for Cordova plugins inside emulators/devices

grunt-dawg Use dawg inside grunt to view or generate documentation

grunt-dependency-installer A Grunt plugin for installing dependancies to node modules stored in the plugins directory

grunt-docco-xt Grunt plugin for docco-xt.

grunt-harp A grunt task for either running a Harp server, or compile your site using harp.

grunt-hg-release Release a new version of your Node-based project using hg/Mercurial

grunt-init-browser Grunt init template for generating and testing multiple versions of a browser script

grunt-jadist Grunt plugin for precompiling jade templates for use by jadist express engine

grunt-jquery-json Grunt plugin that builds and validates a jquery.json package manifest.

grunt-knox S3 Deployment Tasks for GruntJS

grunt-mox Grunt module for using mox( A markdown javascript documentation generator)

grunt-pause Pause the grunt task runner between tasks and choose to continue or break

grunt-ppem Grunt plugin for PPem

grunt-readme-generator A grunt task to generate a dynamic from partial markdown files in readme folder. Specifically designed for GitHub projects!

grunt-require Easy switching between built and un-built versions of require.js based applications with grunt

grunt-requirejs-config grunt task to prepend a require.js config to a file

grunt-timer Times the duration of each of your grunt tasks automatically and outputs the execution time in milliseconds to the console after each task (or optionally, at the end). It also logs the total time for all logged tasks.

grunt-useuses A grunt plugin allowing you to use `@uses` annotations to load dependencies for your javascript files.

grunt-yet-another-angular-templates Yet Another Angular Templates grunt plugin.

guardian Authentication Gateway Proxy

gulp-dot-precompiler Gulp plugins for precompilation of doT template engine.

gulp-dotdot Gulp plugin for transforming notation to, ...)

gulp-dotify Gulp plugin for precompilation of doT templates.

gulp-eslint A gulp plugin for processing files with eslint

gulp-file-include a gulp plugin for file include

gulp-file-includer a gulp plugin for file include, based on grunt-file-include plugin.

gulp-file-to-js Gulp plugin to convert a file into a JavaScript represention.

gulp-hint-not Gulp plugin for removing jshint comment directives from source code.

gulp-imports Gulp plugin for importing/including files

gulp-json-lint JSON linter Gulp plugin

gulp-sloc-simply Gulp plugin to log number of source lines of code

gulp-ts TypeScript compiler Gulp plugin

gulp-tslint TypeScript linter Gulp plugin

gulpify (deprecated) a browserify plugin for gulp

gurl Glog plugin to format article urls

hamlify Haml-coffee precompiler plugin for Browserify v2

hapi-api-rate-limit Redis api rate limit plugin for hapi

hapi-assets Hapi plugin to provide assets to your views based on the node environment

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