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ambiance-plugin-manager plugin manager for ambiance editor

ap3 Atlassian Plugins 3 library for Express

ap3-cli A CLI for Atlassian Plugins 3

apprunner Manage application errors and plugin modules by Harald Rudell

architect-init CLI tool to help you start a new Architect app by creating all the structure and main files.

assemble-contrib-sitemap Sitemap generator plugin for Assemble

assemble-goldcome-sitemap Assemble的Sitemap生成插件

assemble-plugin-sitemap Assemble的Sitemap生成插件

assemble-sitemap Sitemap generator plugin for Assemble

atlas-connect CLI for the atlassian-connect-express library (helpers for building Atlassian Add-ons on top of Express)

atlassian-connect-express Library for building Atlassian Add-ons on top of Express

boter A simple library for writing smooth IRC bots.

cardcatalog A routing system for node using pluggable apps.

circuits-js A robust and pluggable client-side library for accessing services.

clustering A small cluster module with plugin system

compiln Asset compiler middleware for Connect (node.js) that supports plugins.

cordova-plugins List/download available Phonegap plugins from and

dovetail Make your application pluggable!

embryo The most simple, customizable and easy to use JavaScript standard inheritance library

extensible Create highly extensible software components.

feebs Library for building Atlassian Add-ons on top of Express

feebs-cli CLI for the feebs library (helpers for building Atlassian Add-ons on top of Express)

formage-mongoose-types Some extra types for mongoose, as used by Formage

fuller Build everything with right tool

generator-cordova-plugin A generator for Yeoman

generator-plugin Yeoman generator for Assemble plugins

glenlivet A hook and plugin system that allows you to create flexible, reusable processing workflows.

grunt-contrib-remotecordova > Serve cordova plugin files remotely.

grunt-cucumber Grunt task for running Cucumber.js

grunt-dependency-installer A Grunt plugin for installing dependancies to node modules stored in the plugins directory

grunt-exit Calls process.exit so things exit properly, i.e. code-coverge, even on Windows. Super simple task!

grunt-font-awesome-vars Edit font awesome variables.less and/or _variables.scss to set font-path

grunt-forever Grunt task for starting and stopping an application as a daemon using forever

grunt-forever-multi Run one or more forever scripts/actions (forked/based on grunt-forever)

grunt-jasmine-node Grunt task for running jasmine-node

grunt-jasmine-node-coffee Grunt task for running jasmine-node with coffeescript support. Based off of grunt-jasmine-node by Omar Gonzalez (s9tpepper).

grunt-jasmine-node-coverage Grunt task for running jasmine-node using istanbul for code coverage reports. Based off of grunt-jasmine-node by Omar Gonzalez (s9tpepper).

grunt-jasmine-node-coverage-validation Grunt task for jasmine-node using istanbul for code coverage. Validates coverage configuration and fails the task for under coverage. Based off of grunt-jasmine-node-coverage by Jarrod Ribble.

grunt-multi-forever Grunt task for starting and stopping an application as a daemon using forever with support for multiple applications.

guardian Authentication Gateway Proxy

gulp-plugin-unofficial An unofficial template for building Gulp plugins

jade.plugin A flatiron plugin for jade

jigsaw Plugin loader for extensible node.js projects

jqpm Package manager for jQuery plugins

jsplugs Dead-stupid init.d-like plugin manager for node.js

leaflet-plugins Miscellaneous plugins for Leaflet library for services that need to display route information and need satellite imagery from different providers

leapjs-plugins A collection of useful plugins for LeapJS

microplugin A lightweight plugin / dependency system for javascript libraries.

mixdown-cli CLI main for mixdown. Use this to create CLI tools or services with mixdown.

mongoose-closures Plugin support for closures in Mongoose

mongoose-createdmodified Mongoose plugin adding created and modified fields to a schema

mongoose-crypt Plugin support for basic encryption in Mongoose

mongoose-file Mongoose plugin adding a file field to a schema - useful for nodejs file uploads

mongoose-hashed-plugin mongoose plugins:hash password fields

mongoose-joins Plugin support for basic joins in Mongoose

mongoose-misc Miscellaneous types & plugins for Mongoose

mongoose-plugins mongoose plugins:CRUD,auth helpers

mongoose-spatial Plugin support for spatial types in Mongoose

mongoose-temporal Plugin support for temporal types in Mongoose

mongoose-thumbnail Mongoose plugin adding a thumbnail field to a schema - useful for expressjs image file uploads

mongoose-units Unit types & plugins for Mongoose

mongoose-watch Mongoose watch documents and querys

nando-plugin-list List of available plugins for Nando. Post your own.

pkghub a package hub for human, based on NPM iteself.

plugging Easy plugin architecture for node

pluggo Minimal plugin framework for node.js and browsers

plugin-hub plugin hub

pluse a plugin loader for human, based on NPM iteself

polite-driver-manager cool design pattern to run logic agnostic stuff!

polite-plugin-manager Stuning plugin manager for NodeJS

scarlet-contrib-logger Scarlet plugin for a simple logger

scarlet-passport Scarlet plugin for using Passport authentication

sole sole.js - the soul of the console - tag, glob, filter and trigger events via console messages

tennu-plugins Tennu plugin subsystem

voxel-carry player inventory to carry items

voxel-plugins dynamically load plugins for voxel-engine

voxel-plugins-ui user interface for voxel-plugins

ziggy irc bot with plugin support

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