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companion-roots Finds roots of polynomials by solving the eigenvalues of the companion matrix

durand-kerner Finds multiple roots of polynomials using Weierstrass' method

gauss-quadrature Gauss-Legendre quadrature rules

hermite-coefficients Returns coefficients of degree n Hermite polynomial

horner Evaluates polynomial

kld-polynomial A class of simple polynomial functionality including root finding

legendre-poly Coefficients of Legendre polynomials

multinomial Multinomial coefficients

poly-derivative Differentiates polynomial

poly-mult Multiplies polynomials by brute force

poly-mult-fft Multiplies polynomials together using an FFT

symmetric-tensor-eval Evaluates a multivariable polynomial

symmetric-tensor-index Index arithmetic for symmetric tensors

symmetric-tensor-to-string Converts symmetric tensors into human readable/LaTeX parseable strings

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