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advanced-pool Advanced resource pool for Node.JS

architect-pg-pool architect postgresql connection pool

be-spork A pool of forks. For when you need it.

bitcoin-pool An extensible Bitcoin pool server implementation

callback-pool Simple utility to queue callbacks in a pool until the drain has been unplugged.

child-pool child_process pool implementation

climax Pooler for multiple resources

cluster-pool Cluster of pools for generic resources

comb A framework for node

common-pool Simple resource pool

cpool child process pool manager

dis-redis Redis client with pooled connections and promises

e2e-generic-pool Generic resource pooling for Node.JS with e2e-transaction-logger support

emysql Enhanced MySQL Pool for Node.js

express-myconnection Connect/Express middleware that auto provides mysql connections.

functionpool Provides a pool of functions that can be used to execute tasks in Node.js.

generic-pool Generic resource pooling for Node.JS

generic-pool-redux Generic resource pooling in Javascript

hashpool a fixed-size hash pool

http-pool http pool

images-loader Ultra performant dependences free images loader

jackpot Jackpot, TCP connection pooling for Node.js

javascript-pool pooling resources for javascript, as well nodejs

labor Worker pool of Web Workers and tools for message passing.

lei-mysql Simple MySQL Pool

minionpool A simple task-consumer pool for nodejs

mongo-getter Very simple resource pooling for MongoDB connections

mongo-pool Node MongoDB connection pool on top of node-mongodb-native

mysql_minionpool A mysql minionpool, suitable to work on rows

mysql-getter Very simple resource pooling for MySQL connections

mysql-native MySql protocol client for Node.Js

mysql-native-pre MySql protocol client for Node.Js

mysql-queue-pool Database connection pooling and query queueing.

mysql-simple-pool Simple connection pooling for Node and MySQL.

mysqlpool Mysql Pool client for node-mysql

ndarray-scratch Pooled memory for ndarrays

node-cassandra-cql Node.js driver for Apache Cassandra

node-mysql-pooled offers a pool for node-mysql module

node-queue-pool manage concurrent actions/jobs, manage limits resource

node-semaphore A small semaphore in vanilla JS, useful as a lock pool for something like rate limiting

object_pool object pooling

object-pool An object pool for recycling objects without as much boilerplate

objectpool Object Pool implementation for Node.js and the Browser

pongo Connection pooling for node-mongodb-native

pool_stream Pool Stream

pool-redis Pool redis connections for Node.JS

pooldis Redis client with pooled connections and promises

poolee HTTP pool and load balancer

poolp Poolp helps you to deal with a parameterized pool of objects.

poolr limit parallel execution and serialze when limit is reached

poolz A simple javascript object pool, built for Node.js

rabbitmq_minionpool A RabbitMQ minionpool

redis-connection-pool Redis client connection pool

redis-generic-pool Connection pool (using generic-pool) for node-redis

redises Redis client API compatible, transparent pooling support.

robust Robust - it watches, it wraps, it can kill and restart

runnablepool Runnable pool manager lib: an easy way to use multi proc with node

simple-pool Simple Pooling Solution for a very simple distribution/loadbalancing of whatever you want

socket-agent Socket pool interface similar to http.Agent

socket-pool socket pooling

sockethandler A simple socket handler

socketpool a pool for TCP Socket

sol-hiredis-pool Generic resource pooling for Node.JS, with hiredis support

sol-redis-pool Generic resource pooling for Node.JS

stagepool A common pool to maintain multi-stages

stratum-pool High performance Stratum poolserver in Node.js

tedious-connection-pool Connection Pool for tedious.

ttl-pool a pool of expiring things

typedarray-pool Reuse typed arrays

unhandled a window into your programs ignorance

wesley Protocol compliant web socket server with some awesome extras.

workerrpc Worker/Pool Abstraction for RedisRPC

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