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advanced-pool Advanced resource pool for Node.JS

climax Pooler for multiple resources

cluster-pool Cluster of pools for generic resources

db-query-assistant High-level query functions for node database drivers.

e2e-generic-pool Generic resource pooling for Node.JS with e2e-transaction-logger support

generic-pool Generic resource pooling for Node.JS

generic-pool-redux Generic resource pooling in Javascript

group A fair grouping mechanism for tournaments

hyperquest make streaming http requests

mysql-simple Provides connection pooling and a simplified interface on top of node-mysql and generic-pool.

object_pool object pooling

piggy Piggy, a minimal wrapper for a single generic-pool of node-postgres clients

pongo Connection pooling for node-mongodb-native

redis-generic-pool Connection pool (using generic-pool) for node-redis

socket-pool socket pooling

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