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geonames-postal-codes-import-nodejs Import Postal Codes from into a database

hubot-poco South African Postal Code lookup integration with Hubot

monologue.js EventEmitter replacement with AMQP-style bindings and other advanced features. Compatible with postal.js's API.

monopost Monologue.js add-on that allows seamless bridging to postal.js.

norway-postal-codes Norway Postal Codes

postal.dom binds a DOM event to a postal.js channel/topic for publication

postal.federation A base plugin for federating instances of postal.js across various boundaries.

postal.xframe postal.js/postal.federation plugin for federating instances of postal.js across iframe/window boundaries.

postals postal code centroids

shipit This module allows you to connect to many shipping carriers like UPS and FedEx and download tracking data for your packages in a common schema

us-states mappings from USPS code to US state name

ustates US state by index, by name and by abbreviation

uupaa.postal.js Message delivery utility.

zippity-do-dah Zip code data with lookup and utilities

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