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ah-openrecord-plugin OpenRecord plugin for actionhero

ak-pg PostgreSQL client extended for Akiban features

any-db Database-agnostic connection pooling, querying, and result sets

any-db-postgres The postgres adapter for any-db

anydb-sql Minimal ORM for mysql, postgresql and sqlite with complete arbitrary SQL query support (based on brianc's query builder sql)

backbone-relational-mapper An ORM for Backbone-Relational.

backbone-sql PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite3 storage for BackboneORM

bloom-sql Chained functions for building SQL strings for node-postgres.

caminte ORM for every database: redis, mysql, neo4j, mongodb, rethinkdb, postgres, sqlite, tingodb

caminte-generator RestFul application generator based on CaminteJS ORM

co-pg Co wrapper for node-postgres

coati Transform GeoJSON data to PostgreSQL/PostGIS data

connect-caminte CrossDB session store for Connect and ExpressJS

connect-pg Connect storage using PostgreSQL.

connect-pgclient Connect middleware to manage Postgres connections.

connect-pgsql PostgreSQL session store for Connect

connect-request-logger-pg log http requests to postgres

connect-session-sequelize Session store for connect-session using sequelize

data-mapper-js A lightweight data access tool supporting Postgres and MySql today.

db-kit Easy life ORM for node

db-meta Relational database metadata extraction library

dbeasy Promise-based wrapper for postgresql driver that makes easy what should be easy while protecting your foot.

dbt Database Shell Toolkit

dirac Node-PG database layer built with MoSQL

dirac-middleware Express middleware for building JSON HTTP interfaces with dirac

dirac-table-ref Automatically use a default column for table references in dirac schemas.

downstairs A light ORM wrapped about brianc's node-sql and node-pg

easy-pg easy-pg is "easy to use" deferred PostgreSQL client for node.js

ee-orm An easy to use ORM for node.js. Supports advanced eager loading, complex queries, joins, transactions, complex database clusters & connection pooling.

ee-postgres-connection postgres connection abstraction for ee-orm

egress A minimal Express app template for a user account system.

flexible Easily build flexible, scalable, and distributed, web crawlers.

fortune-relational Relational database adapters for Fortune.

gj2pg geoJSON to PostgreSQL/PostGIS

grunt-pg Grunt plugin to help with administering Postgres.

hapi-pg Inject Postgres connections into Hapi requests.

hstore Library for transforming JavaScript objects to hstore format, used by the PostgreSQL RDBMS.

hubba-adapter-postgres Hubba web service adapter that enables interacting with a PostgreSQL database.

jsdbc A database querying module for MySQL, Postgres, Oracle and SQLite. Supports transactions and result sets. libzdb is required for compiling and using.

koa-pg Koa middleware to get you a Postgres client.

light-orm Super simple ORM node.js wrapper for relational databases. It does not depends on any specific driver, so you can connect to mysql, ms server and so on... Try it!

massive Sequel-ish db utility for Node

mesa simple sql for nodejs

missy-postgres PostgreSQL driver for Missy ORM

model Datastore-agnostic ORM in JavaScript

monarch-db A relational modeling framework for client-centric web applications

mongo-pg A mongo-like interface for postgres

mongo-sql A mongo-like interface for sql generation, postgres-style

mongolike MongoDB Clone on top of Postgres

mtfe_orm NodeJS Object-relational mapping

mysql-pg-proxy mysql to postgres proxy server

node-dbi A Database abstraction layer for Node.js, bundled with several DB engines adapters

node-hstore An module for serializing and deserializing JSON data in to hstore format

node-pg-jobs A simple yet powerful postgres backed job queue for node.js.

node-postgres-hstore hstore stringify and parse functions for node-postgres parser/serializing

noflo-pg PostgreSQL using node-postgres for NoFlo

noflo-pgorm PostgreSQL ORM on top of noflo-pg

npm-postgres-mashup npm-postgres-mashup does a one-time replication of most of npm's data to postgres

openrecord Active record like ORM for nodejs

orm NodeJS Object-relational mapping

orm-2.1.3 NodeJS Object-relational mapping

pg PostgreSQL client - pure javascript & libpq with the same API

pg_sql_boilerplate few helpful functions to use with pg node database driver

pg-arrays PostgreSQL client - pure javascript & libpq with the same API // This is the fork of Brian's library for temporary usage since he merge my pull request.

pg-autopatch Node application for automatically applying postgreSQL database patches.

pg-copy Copy data between PostgreSQL databases WITH STREEEEAAAMS

pg-copy-streams Low-Level COPY TO and COPY FROM streams for PostgreSQL in JavaScript using

pg-copy-table streaming table copy from one postgres database to another

pg-dal A simple postgresql data access layer for node.js

pg-escape escape postgres queries which do not support stored procedures

pg-fastman PostgreSQL client - pure javascript & libpq with the same API - fork

pg-helper a helper library for postgres

pg-hstore An module for serializing and deserializing JSON data in to hstore format

pg-jobs A simple yet powerful postgres backed job queue for node.js.

pg-key-value-stream Stream of key value pairs from postgres, kind like leveldb, but...better?

pg-large-object Large object support for PostgreSQL clients (node-postgres)

pg-migrator The complete and easy to use command-line migration tool for PostgreSQL

pg-objects Exposes a couple of helper methods for using JS objects with pg queries.

pg-parse-float restore parseFloat behavior to node-postgres (pg) - can be used as a reference for implementing other type parsing addons

pg-patcher A Postgres patch helper for node-postgres.

pg-query Execute postgres queries simply.

pg-query-builder Create SQL queries programatically in Node.js. suport only postgresql. Loosely based on Codeigniter 'ActiveRecord'.

pg-query-stream Postgres query result returned as readable stream

pg-readable High level shortcut to a readable query result stream for PostgreSQL

pg-simple A simpler interface to pg

pg-spice Monkey patch providing sugar and spice atop the node.js PostgreSQL client library

pg-sync Synchronous, blocking PostgreSQL client (libpq binding).

pg-transaction simplify executing transactions with node-postgres

pg-types Query result type converters for node-postgres

pg-validator postgresql database schema validation and creation utility

pgpass Module for reading .pgpass

pgpromise Returns promises instead of using callbacks.

pgservice Module for reading .pg_service.conf

pgsubst Substitutes named parameters with values within PostgreSQL queries

piggy Piggy, a minimal wrapper for a single generic-pool of node-postgres clients

plugz-postgres A plugz for Postgres

plv8x Use JavaScript expressions and modules in PostgreSQL plv8

pman Heroku Postgres environment locally

postgrator Postgrator is a SQL migration tool for SQL people

postgrease A lightweight and powerful interface for node-postgres (pg)

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