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archy render nested hierarchies `npm ls` style with unicode pipes

beautify-with-words Beautify javascript with unique "long-ish words" for variable names.

bunyan-format Writable stream that formats bunyan records that are piped into it.

code-genie Infers, checks and fixes (beautifies) JavaScript based on EditorConfig and/or code-genie settings.

coffeelint-stylish Stylish reporter for CoffeeLint runtime

faucet human-readable TAP summarizer

format-json-stream Formats a JSON stream to make it more readable by adding proper indentation and newlines.

formattor node npm formatter pretty-print css, xml, sql, json

grunt-beautify Javascript beautifier task for grunt

hex Pretty prints a Buffer

html HTML pretty printer.

html-stringify Converts Javascript Objects or Arrays to pretty HTML string for rendering in a browser

human-format Converts a number to/from a human readable string: `1337` ↔ `1.34kB`

jcurl curl, but tries to prettify json

joli Pretty-up those JSON objects.

jsonpretty Yet another JSON pretty printer

lua-timeago Turn a timestamp into a friendly string of how long ago it was

maxmin Get a pretty output of the original, minified, gzipped size of a string or buffer: 130 B → 91 B → 53 B (gzip)

ng-prettyjson AngularJS directive for json pretty output (colors and indent)

ng-twitter AngularJS directive twitter tweets addict display.

node-js-beautify Another fork of js-beautify for node

object-inspect string representations of objects in node and the browser

prettify-error Prettify given error object

pretty-bytes Convert bytes to a human readable string: 1337 → 1.34 kB

pretty-error See nodejs errors with less clutter

pretty-filename A simple helper to create a pretty filename from a string (leaves out anything but alphanumeric chars and the usual dashes).

pretty-ms Convert milliseconds to a human readable string: 1337000000 ➔ 15d 11h 23m 20s

pretty-print Print formatted data to the the command line

pretty-tree Make colorful trees out of JSON objects using archy

prettyuse format memory use for humans. uses prettysize

relative-date Javascript module for outputting relative dates.

render-routes Give it a routes object and it spits out html that you can load into your browser.

stringify-object Stringify an object/array like JSON.stringify just without all the double-quotes

symmetric-tensor-to-string Converts symmetric tensors into human readable/LaTeX parseable strings

treeify converts a JS object into a nice and readable tree structure for the console

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