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authrc authrc implementation for Node.js

cuckoo This is a library to the code that is easy to test the code hard to test.

depget Install private modules from a directory or file share

es6-symbol ECMAScript6 Symbol polyfill

file-e-coyote easy public/private file storage and retrieval

generator-ng-mod A generator for AngularJS modules

grunt-strip-code Remove dev and test only code in production builds

http-ssh-agent Send requests to http servers over ssh

hushpm Private Storage for your npm modules and selective proxying of upstream modules

hydrogen A minimal library for object-oriented JavaScript development

inteface-addresses get the private network ip address of the machine

interface-addresses get the private network ip address of the machine

jclass Advanced JavaScript inheritance model providing genuine private members based on John Resig's Inheritance Class.

jtypes Scalable class-based JavaScript.

kabam-plugin-private-message Kabam plugin with rest api for sending private messages between users - dialog style

kappa A hierarchical npm-registry proxy to make private registries easier. (Based on npm-delegate by @jden)

keypair Generate a RSA PEM key pair from pure JS

minc minq experiment in continuables

name private name objects shim

nodeclass Smart classes for node.js

npm-delegate a hierarchical npm-registry proxy to make private registries easier

npm-private Run a local NPM registry for private packages with fallback to publich registry.

npm-protect CLI utility to modify a package.json to use a private npm registry

npms make it easier to install git+ssh deps

objectfactory A modular JavaScript inheritance library that works nicely with browserify, CommonJS or just vanilla JavaScript.

opfplatform The celebrated OPF Platform for buidling enterprise Private App Stores

packagenpmjson this creates a npm compatable json document. you can use it as a component for private npm registries that doont use couch.

pemstrip Strips PKI artifacts down to plain base64-encoded strings, and bundles them back up.

pnum A wrapper for smart-private-npm that loads all of your private modules

priv Can be used to tie "private" properties to objects in JavaScript.

private Utility for associating truly private state with any JavaScript object

private-js Clean 'private' support for JavaScript. This library contains classes and utilities that will allow you to add 'privates' to your JavaScript classes in a clean, spec-compliant way. This library will work both within a browser environment and node.js. It was created in order to make it easier for a distributed team of developers to handle privates in a consistent way. The library is based on JavaScript prototypes in order to avoid repetitive creation of functions.

private-name Simple shim for Private Names

private-parts A simple and intuitive way to shim private methods and properties in JavaScript.

private-state A JavaScript utility for managing (really) true per object private state.

private.js provides private accessor to javascript object

private.shopify For developing private applications on Shoppify stores

privy Private Members for Objects in JavaScript

rsa-json generate rsa keypairs as json blobs

rsa-unpack unpack rsa fields from PEM strings

s3npm publish packages to your own s3 bucket, install an resolve nested private or public deps without replacing or hacking npm

sinew A simple module for enforcing the new keyword and privatizing object methods using the revelation pattern

sinopia Private npm repository server

sjsclass sjsClass - Simple JavaScript Class - Inheritance

ssh-keygen Generates SSH key-pairs

unpm private npm registry in node

ursa RSA public/private key crypto

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