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always CLI Tool to run a NodeJS Process, Restarting on File Changes & Crashes

ambassador Ambassador provides a way to communicate between node.js processes.

backgrounder yet another library for spawning multiple independent background workers as well as multiple pool of workers, v0.5 fork API to communicate with them; the library also supports callback between processes

band Cluster management for nodejs

bizrules Business Rules Engine

bowl Multi process manager for Node.js

bpmn BPMN 2.0 execution engine

buzz Buzz is a command line app to kill an app and then restart it, over and over again. Similar to Forever.

child Minimalistic nodejs process manager. Similar to forever-monitor

child-proc An extension to the child_process module that fixes problems like windows commands.

child-process-helpers dumb helpers for child_process

child-process-promise Simple wrapper around the "child_process" module that makes use of promises

children Concurrent tasks computation among nodejs child processes

childrens Concurrent tasks computation among nodejs child processes

cluster-service Turns your single process code into a fault-resilient multi-process service with built-in REST & CLI support

clustr-node CoffeeScript cluster module to manage multi process cluster in NodeJs. Clustr is responseable for worker spawning and messaging between all processes.

co-seven seven module in co harmony yield

coffee-observer Utility functions for observing source code.

command A chainable, promise-based utility for running commands with child_process.spawn

concurrency A way to achieve concurrency running multiple tasks

conquer Restarts NodeJS or Coffee (or any other program) on file changes or crashes

crafity-nodemanager Manage multiple node instances

crafity-process Generic process manager

crontab A module for reading, manipulating, and writing user crontabs with node.js

curator A flexible process monitoring and management framework.

cursor-back Ensures that you get your cursor back when a program that hides it ends, no matter how.

daemon-manager Utility module that adds funcitonality to native node daemons.

damage A simple way to calculate the 'damage' of running a task in Node.JS.

datagen Multi-process test data files generator

death Gracefully cleanup when termination signals are sent to your process.

dictator Process management for development

diehard Gracefully clean up your program at termination with multiple sync and/or async handlers. Wraps the `death` npm module.

dirutils Adds pushdir, popdir, and dirs methods to node's process object.

dockerode-process ChildProcess like interface for docker containers

e2e-transaction-logger Transaction log interface

easyimage A user-friendly module for processing images in Node.js.

easyimage-flattenpng A user-friendly module for processing images in Node.js. Allows properly convert PNGs with transparent background to other formats.

easyimage-tmpfix A user-friendly module for processing images in Node.js. Added png flatten and fixed cropping error.

env Environment variable manager

env-parser Streaming environment variable parser

env-reader Streaming environment variable reader

env-writer Streaming process.env writer

envar Goes as high as environment (including npm config) and as low as command line options to find variable you've requested.

esc-exit Exit the process when the `esc` key is pressed

EVE A JavaScript object schema, processor and validation lib.

exec-batch Batch execution of shell commands

exec-queue Safely run exec in a loop.

execly Streaming process executor, local and remote

exit A replacement for process.exit that ensures stdio are fully drained before exiting.

farmhand An abstration over child_process that makes it easy to run a function in the background, get its progress, result and cancel if necessary

fertilize retry the same thing, expect different results

flan A sweet facade on top of a process.disconnect-based graceful collapse.

flat-file-db Fast in-process flat file database that caches all data in memory

force-kill A small node wrapper for force killing processes (not graceful)

forewoman Node.js port of foreman + hot code reloading

get-path Cross-platform means of getting the PATH environment variable name

getuid Get the UID of a user by their username.

gnu-argv An unintrusive, easy-to-use ARGV parser that's compliant with GNU's Program Argument Syntax Conventions.

good Server and process monitoring plugin

gracefully Gracefully handle Ctrl+C and SIGTERM

grunt-exit Calls process.exit so things exit properly, i.e. code-coverge, even on Windows. Super simple task!

grunt-external-daemon Grunt.js task to launch external background processes

grunt-file-process Grunt plugin for files (text-based) processing activities.

grunt-listfiles Create a list of files and perform an action on each file in the list then write the results to a file.

grunt-preprocess Preprocess HTML and JavaScript directives based off environment configuration

grunt-preprocess-yeoman Preprocess HTML and JavaScript directives based off environment configuration

grunt-process-css A plugin for preprocessing css

grunt-processhtml Process html files at build time to modify them depending on the release environment

grunt-shell Run shell commands

gulp-spawn-mocha Runs Mocha as a child process.

hapi-log hapi process monitoring

hellojoe Robust automated worker processes in the spirit of Erlang

herod Herod, an heartless killer / handler for ( long-running ) child processes.

holyghost Resurrect processes if they die (fork of deoxxa's jesus)

homemade C-like JS preprocessor & grunt task

htmlprocessor Process html file using special comments

immortal Daemon tool made in pure javascript

inpatience Timebox processes in case they hang

insert-module-globals insert implicit module globals into a module-deps stream

ipevents Inter-process EventEmitter over process.send and TCP/IP or UNIX Domain Sockets

is-root Check if the process is running as root user. Eg. started with `sudo`.

jesus Resurrect processes if they die

just-args really, nothing special, just a cleaned up process.argv

kali improved cluster (multi-cpu) interface

kexec Replace your Node.js process with another process. Like Ruby exec.

kid_process A simpler version of child_process.

kiwf in-process node.js process kill-switch, forces node processes to crash based on certain restrictions like memory usage or uptime.

komodo Dead simple Heroku process management

ladon Run commands in parallel on many files

language-detect-exec Automatically execute a file in a known programming language.

language-detect-spawn Automatically spawns a file in a known programming language.

language-exec Execute a file in any programming language.

language-spawn Spawn a file process in any programming language.

lifeguard Monitor and restart processes on deployment.

linux-util Linux utilities

lockup Lockup uses a certain lock file to queue and deal with inter-process asynchronous resources.

logbook Log all data passing through process.stdout and process.stderr

logtrap Clean up lingering brew dependencies

mob simple multi-process applications

mpr A simple CLI tool for running multiple processes

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