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ms-task A Node.js wrapper for Microsoft Windows' tasklist and taskkill.

multi-watcher Multi-watcher is a inter-process node.js module to manage multiple file watchers.

multilevel-http Access a leveldb instance from multiple processes via HTTP

mushroom Mushroom sprouts a never-ending set of child processes which can report statistics back to the host. Like multi-process forever.

mute Politely tells stdout and stderr to shut the heck up for a moment.

nac node app control and monitoring daemon based on config files (somewhat similar to procfiles)

nae-process Process variable for Node App Engine.

neighborhood Sharing objects between multiple NodeJS instances over TCP.

node-childrens Concurrent tasks computation among nodejs child processes

node-env-file Parse and load environment files (containing ENV variable exports) into Node.js environment, i.e. `process.env`.

node-env-flag Little util function for simpler extracting Boolean values from ENV-variables in Node.js, i.e. true values (true, TRUE, 1) vs. false values (false, FALSE, 0).

node-ipc A nodejs module for local and remote Inter Process Communication (IPC), Neural Networking, and able to facilitate machine learning.

node-pm A better worker process manager

node-process-shim node process shim for browser.

node-sigint Normalize sigint signals on windows platforms

node-vst-host VST host for processing audio A distributed data scraping and processing framework A distributed data scraping and processing framework for node.js

noreman package.json-based process manager

nos simple and powerful promise-based process spawning

npid Manage a pid file.

nproc A process management console written in Node.js

nuco light weight process manager for node

osx A Mac OS X library for NodeJS to get system information.

papercut Papercut is a node package to handle image upload, resize and sync with Amazon s3

paratask Paratask is a tool that will execute your JavaScript code in parallel using the full potential of multi-process programming. In contrast to asynchronous task management, Paratask will create a child Node.js process in which your task will 'live'.

pluribus Cluster manager

pm2-web A web based monitor for PM2

pork An improved fork() that doesn't keep your process alive.

posix-ext A drop-in replacement for the Node.js modules process, fs and posix providing their POSIX functionality on both POSIX and Windows platforms.

post-entity Extract entities and text from a post (tweet, status etc)

preprocess Preprocess directives in HTML, JavaScript, etc directives based off variable context

process process information for node.js and browsers

process-boss A node process manager that isn't spanners all the way down

process-done Convenient done handler that exits a process properly. Use with worker processes like for @

process-monitor Monitors the CPU and memory usage for a PID or collection of PIDs.

process-title set process.title based on package name

procinfo Simple Process Information Helpers for Node

proprietor Manages the configuration and execution of a set of processes for a host

ps A process lookup utility

ps-node A process lookup utility

pslook Pslook is a NodeJS module retrieving processes informations on GNULinux systems without spawning a new process.

pstarter Start http worker process for nodejs

qilin unicorn-like for node

qp Queue management, similar to that of kue

qp-server A server to view stats on QP

qseven seven module in Q

respawn Spawn a process and restart it if it crashes

respawn-group Manage a group of respawn monitors

revolve image revolver

rudolf Simple Task-Management Framework using redis as job queue.

run-paralelly Run given commands as parallel processes

run-serially Run given commands as child processes serially

safeps Work with processes safely and easily with Node.js

samson A very useful build step; read any number of files, process them as JavaScript templates, and save output to another destination.

seven Making small simple APIs from other web sites in a small module that collects information

shutdown-handler Gives the ability to execute code upon closing a Node.js application.

singleton-process Enforce a single instance of a node.js process across multiple hosts

slacker Boot services only when needed, otherwise go back to bed.

spam Wrapper around cluster module to simplify multi-process work

spawn-module Spawn a node module that exports callback-based functions as a process.

sproc shared process

srv Helps you run multiple instances of your service, provides graceful, zero downtime restart on signals, and handles errors. Does not require a seperate command line tool, nor does it daemonise your process, for better integration into other process monitors such as upstart.

stare Stare is a inter-process node.js module to manage multiple file watchers.

stares Stares is a inter-process node.js module to manage multiple file watchers.

stevejobs-server A remote server instance hosting a single instance in-memory SteveJobs worker/job/task/queue process

straggler aggregate text streams

svgfilter node-svgfilter ==============

svh Simple (file) server for html-javascript web client app development

svstat a node.js wrapper for daemontools svstat

sysinfo System and OS information

tailor.js tailor.js help you process images, includine resize, crop.. using graphicsMagick, and upload to s3

temporal Non-blocking, temporal task sequencing.

termhelper Allow processing of key press events and strings on enter key. Log input and output. Execute terminal commands and more.

test-cli Test CLI applications (that are written a certain way).

threadful Common 'Thread' behavior for Browsers (using Web Workers) or Node (using Child Process).

threadHandler A simple external script thread handler - allowing for multiple external script to be run and only X amount to be executed at a time

threadless Threading for nodejs and the browser built on web workers

timers-ref `setTimeout` and `setInterval` with `unref` and `ref` like in node.js

tree-kill kill trees of processes

udibo-sandbox A node.js sandbox.

uneeq Generate a unique identifier for a node process

upbeat Fast health and performance monitoring with process handling

var Use strongly typed environment variables like a boss

vitals Vitals is a module that will collect health statistics for process ids past to it, currently collections cpu time, memory usage and uptime.

weaver Interactive process management system

windows-cpu CPU monitoring utilities for Node.js apps on Windows.

worker-manager Have long running tasks that you want to perform without blocking your main process?

x-process process used by x-components

xenvar XEnvar allows developers to expand environment variables from strings. Inspired from Python's os.expanduser and os.expandvars.

ya.js Use your favorite preprocessors without the hassle of configuration

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